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Sensus Aero

Sensus Aero: Streamlining Aviation Operations with Expertise and Innovation

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Sensus Aero: Streamlining Aviation Operations with Expertise and Innovation

At Sensus Aero, part of the Avia Solutions Group, we specialize in revolutionizing the aviation industry with our cutting-edge solutions. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your operations, benefiting ground handlers, MROs, and service providers alike.

Effortless Change Management With over 55 years of collective experience, Sensus Aero stands at the forefront of change management in aviation. Our solutions are crafted to minimize disruption, offering a user-friendly experience with a remarkably low learning curve. This approach drastically reduces the need for extensive training, allowing your team to adapt quickly and efficiently.

User-Centric Design for Operational Excellence Our diverse team of experts is committed to meeting the unique needs of the aviation industry. We ensure compliance with global standards while driving digital transformation through our ERP solutions. Our focus is on enhancing your operational efficiency, simplifying processes, and ensuring you stay ahead in a dynamic industry.
Your Partner in Innovation Sensus Aero is more than just a software provider; we are your technology partner. Our mission is to boost your productivity and cost efficiency. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, developing bespoke solutions that lead to tangible improvements in your day-to-day operations. Choose Sensus Aero for a no-nonsense approach to aviation solutions that truly benefit your business.


aFuel is the system of choice when it comes to digitalizing the operational fueling process. It acts as digital exchange platform that connects airlines with fuel providers and into-plane agents, enabling a truly digital and automated fueling process worldwide. Every single step – form the initial fuel order to the final fuel slip sign-off – is processed digitally. This radical overhaul of the fueling process enables airlines to improve the turnaround efficiency, streamline back-office tasks and establish a new level of data quality. And due to aFuel’s swift implementation and worldwide coverage of airports, those benefits can be achieved almost immediately.

#1 Monetary Savings

Pairing the potential monetary savings enabled by the digital fueling process with the pricing model of aFuel, every customer will be able to achieve a substantial monetary savings right away. For most airlines, a positive ROI in Year 1 is easily achievable. 

#2 Automated Processes

The automation of the fueling process from start to finish, will help your airline to improve your processes all around. The turnaround process becomes more robust and back-office tasks will be more efficient due to the elimination of manual work. 

#3 Data Quality

When it comes to data insights, the fueling process has been a blind spot for a long time. This ends now! With aFuel you get the same level and quality of data insights for every flight across your network in real-time. 
Now it is your turn to make the most out of it.

aFuel in Numbers

The strength of aFuel arise from its ever-expanding network. To better understand how this network currently looks like, you can refer to the numbers below.

130 airports1 million messages a year34 Into-Plane Agents10 ongoing projects
28 countries120k yearly aFuel flights16 systems12 new airports

Information Design One AG

General Info – Information Design

At Information Design, we turn aviation data into valuable and insightful information – with the goal to create information and design it. Based on that philosophy, we’ve developed unique IT solutions and worked with some of the world’s renowned airlines, airports, and aviation corporations.

aFuel – The World’s Largest Digital Fueling Network

aFuel is the system of choice when it comes to digitalizing the operational fueling process. The digital exchange platform connects airlines with a huge load of into-plane agents around the world. Due to its swift implementation and worldwide coverage of airports, airlines benefit right from the start.

aWall – Great Success Arises in Real-Time

aWall is the world’s only aviation real-time dashboard, which unites field-proven live metrics and clear data visualization on top of a scalable and cloud-based business intelligence platform — exclusively developed for airlines, airports, and ATC.


Revima Group is a team of experts specialized in maintenance, repair and overhaul of APUs, Engine parts and Landing gear. We provide High Value-added Solutions and full support of our customers’ products.


Agile worldwide MRO provider with most comprehensive capabilities and solutions.
REVIMA is a leading independent solutions provider specialized in APU and Landing Gear MRO, for civil and military aircraft.

MRO Services

Over the last 60 years, Revima has built a unique expertise, and is now one of the world leaders in its sector thanks to on time delivery, dedicated customer support, worldwide AOG Support 24/7, comprehensive technical documentation, back to birth traceability, pool access, full in-house repair capabilities. Our products portfolio is the most comprehensive of any MRO in the world.

Standard and specialized repairs and engineering services for aeroengine parts

Our Engine Parts Repair service covers more than 2500 part numbers, with advanced coating, brazing, welding, machining and additive manufacturing capabilities, for aerospace and industrial markets.
Authorized repair facility for Pratt & Whitney Canada and Safran Group.
Responsive Part 145 one-stop-shop with all expertise and competencies on site, from dedicated Engineering team on site for R&D and industrialisation to reinforced Quality team, leveraging a senior Operations team.

An expertise beyond standard solutions with a full range of APU & Landing Gear USM parts and rotables.

A dedicated service, specialized in sourcing your spare requirements for APUs and Landing Gears.
Backed by a highly skilled team of engineers, we offer custom-designed and cost-attractive solutions based on overhauled, repaired or serviceable parts and components.

Optimize aircraft operational maintenance costs and environmental impact with a unique real time connected digital platform.

FlightWatching by REVIMA is the digital service company of REVIMA Group. It reinforces the group’s capabilities and services, but also stimulates tremendous development opportunities in the optimization of aircraft fleet management.

Fuel Efficiency Program

One of the main cost positions of an airline is fuel. Compressing in average 15 to 30% of company total costs, small improvements in this major cost position have thus a high impact on the overall operating cost of the airline.

A major pain for the small operator, though, is to justify the implementation of a robust Fuel Efficiency system due to high costs, while trying to monitor it based only on spreadsheets may not bring expected results.

To cover this gap between “internal tools” and major (and expensive) systems, Simpfly brings to market the POTS™ (Pay-Over-True-Savings) program: we implement a Fuel Efficiency Program in your airline and you pay following a success-based approach:

  • As you save, we then just charge you a small percentage of that savings for a period (so a gain-gain situation). 
  •  But if you end up not saving anything (not expected, though), we won’t charge you anything (except from any software initial setup fee and travel expenses, as applicable) 

And, moreover: the amount charged is constrained, so you can be assured of the maximum charge, with no surprises.

Get our white paper for detailed information on the steps of our Fuel Efficiency POTS™ and its benefits for your airline.

OptiClimb (Fuel Efficiency)


About OptiClimb

OptiClimb is a service that aims at reducing the fuel consumption through the use of flight data. For each aircraft, data are used to build a fine tuned model that allows to optimize the climb phase.  The fuel consumption is minimized by adapting the climb profile.

Key figures

  • Fuel consumption represents 30% of airlines operational costs
  • Almost 3% of global CO emissions are produced by air transport
  • The annualized passenger figure is expected to reach over 6 billion by 2030
  • Fuel consumption during clib is at its highest

How much fuel? 

Climb phase is when the engines run close to full power. Reducing fuel consumption during this phase is a real opportunity. The observed fuel saving achieved with our method is around 10% of climb phase. For 100 flights a day on a single-aisle aircraft, this amounts to more than 15 t each day. At the end of the year, the savings are over 4M€.

The process

1) Collect
The first step requires analysis of historical flight data to build the aerodynamic model. The only source of data needed is QAR data without any information on flight date, origin and destination, flight number or heading, thus avoiding all confidentiality issues.

2) Analyse
With the collected data, Safety Line then extracts very precise aerodynamic characteristics in using its in-house machine learning algorithms.

3) Prepare
In accordance with current regulations and to ensure the safety of the experimentation, Safety Line will work with the airline to perform a Risk Analysis for authorities.

4) Fly
Before the flight, the dispatcher, or the pilot himself, enters the necessary information in the system: actual weight, cruising altitude, temperature, and pressure at departure airport. The optimization algorithm will then provide the best climb profile with 3 optimum speeds.

5) Compare
A dedicated interface is provided to the Fuel Manager to check the results of the savings. He will know for each flight the exact amount of fuel burnt and can compare it with the fuel that would have been needed to climb at constant speed.

Fuel-Efficiency Solutions

Nearly forty percent of an airline’s operating cost is the fuel it takes to fly passengers and cargo from A to B.  Finding ways of reducing that cost has become critical to every airline’s success. Boeing has launched a suite of fuel-efficiency solutions which identifies broad savings opportunities. These easy-to-implement smart applications give airlines the information– and the advantages — they need to be successful.

  • The Boeing Fuel Dashboard provides aircraft operators with a comprehensive total fleet view of operational fuel consumption. With the Fuel Dashboard’s intelligent decision aids, airlines, business aviation operators and military organizations can gain insight into current fuel usage through all phases of flight. This visibility enables better decision-making to save fuel, money and reduce emissions.
  • The Boeing Emissions Reporter is an easy-to-use CO2 emissions reporting tool for business and commercial aviation operators of all sizes and all fleets. The Emissions Reporter accurately manages data from thousands of flights to ensure compliance with regulations, meeting the needs of operators, data verifiers and regulators.
  • Boeing provides add-on consulting services to determine the best approach to capture maximum savings. Boeing Edge experts can conduct on-site fuel saving assessments, analyze an operator’s actual performance, and benchmark the operator against industry standards.


AVTECH is a Swedish innovations company and one of the leaders in the global development of Performance-based Operations (PBO). AVTECH’s services increases FMS optimization and utilization and the company has a unique cooperation with Met Office (UK), one of the only two authorized World Area Forecast Centres for aviation weather. Met Office has developed a weather forecast model, High-Resolution Weather (HRW) which leaves the standard ICAO weather data far behind in terms of accuracy. This means that AVTECH has exclusive access to the world’s most accurate weather model on the market.

reduces fuel consumption by supplying the on-board flight computer with up-to-date meteorological information. This service derives wind and temperature information from Met Office, process this information to fit any individual flight and then transmits the information to the correct aircraft. The weather data, the most accurate available in the world, and AVTECH’s patented algorithms allows for exceptional results when it comes to wind up-linking. We are proud to say that we have the best wind uplink service in the world, resulting in fuel being saved, a remarkable time accuracy for the aircraft and with one of the simplest installations on the market.

is designed for airlines that have ACARS but that is not fully automated. The pilot receives the same high-quality information as from Aventus NowCast but enters the weather data manually. Our customer indicates a very good result and as the pilots experience a better airplane performance, the willingness to utilize the service has been extremely high.

is just at the beginning of an almost unlimited potential. Having access to MET Office complete weather data, we combine wind, temperature and turbulence in one complete system. It is a high-quality tool that very adequately presents weather hazards (such as Icing, Turbulence, Volcanic ash, etc) to your aircraft, is a real-time weather alerting system which communicates through ACARS and assures your company’s aircraft are notified to new meteorological hazards related to the actual route in the FMS. SIGMA focuses on applying only the parts of hazardous weather which affect your flight and alerts are related to points in your flight plan (instead of LAT/LONG).

Safer flight, reduced fuel burn and lower emissions.
Combining AVTECH’s premium services Aventus NowCast and SIGMA results in a unique decision support tool for professional pilots. Using the tailored weather information and flight path optimization leads to a safer flight both for passengers and crew and reduces the fuel burn and emissions. 

 All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10K Resolution Global Weather model proFlight can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight ́s trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision. If you would like to know more about the proFLIGHT™ application, sign up for a free trial.

AVTECHs latest product is the In-flight Cruise Profile Optimizer who was released fall 2019.
The Optimizer provides pilots with vertical flight path optimization in-flight, resulting in significant fuel and time savings per flight. The unique API providing 10K data from the Met Office in combination with AVTECH’s advanced algorithms and computing power results in a 4-dimensional trajectory (latitude, longitude, altitude and time) divided into cubes of only 10 km horizontally, which reduces up to 50% of the normal wind forecast error.

The solution utilizes existing aircraft hardware and data communications (ACARS, ARINC, FMS, etc.), requiring no new hardware, software or aircraft modifications investment and delivers the key profile data to the pilots in the flight deck via an EFB device or simply via the cockpit printer or display. For more information about the optimizer please view our webinar here at AircraftIT: https://www.aircraftit.com/webinars/flight-cruise-profile-optimizer-demo-and-overview-webinar/?area=ops

To read more about our products and to download product sheets please visit our website.

To learn more about 10K weather watch this video!


Fuel experts since 2006
OpenAirlines was founded in 2006 by Alexandre Feray in Toulouse on a core principle: to help airlines optimize their operations and to reduce their environmental impact. 


Drawing on years of R&D, SkyBreathe® came into the market in 2013 as an innovative eco-flying solution based on Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data to save fuel and reduce airlines’ carbon footprint by up to 5%.

Rewarded by many innovation awards, the software is now used by a very active community of 58+ airlines worldwide, including Air France, Norwegian, Korean Air, flydubai, and UPS…

The company comprises a highly qualified, committed team of Fuel Experts, Data Scientists, and IT Specialists located in Toulouse, Hong Kong, Miami, and Montreal.

OpenAirlines is the world leader in the market of airline environmental software thanks to SkyBreathe® 360° platform, offering a range of complete solutions answering all the critical requirements to make an airline succeed in its fuel program.

Unlock the power of your data-and people
SkyBreathe® computes the savings on each flight using sophisticated algorithms based on physics and AI, trained on the world’s largest fuel efficiency dataset. The software analyzes billions of data records from all types of data sources, including complete FDR records, operational flight plans, ACARS, and more. It combines them with environmental data from actual flight conditions to identify the most relevant saving opportunities.

Engage your pilots

SkyBreathe® MyFuelCoach™ and SkyBreathe® OnBoard together provide the pilot with a complete experience that ensures continuous fuel optimization. Pilots benefit from accurate and actionable fuel insights across the life cycle of a flight, from flight planning and pre-departure preparation to in-flight operations and ground handling. It gives them more control and the confidence to apply fuel-saving measures while keeping safety a top priority.

Join the largest community for Fuel Efficiency

The SkyBreathe community is the most prolific and innovative. That is why we can proudly state “Together we are Pioneers”. Every year and a half, OpenAirlines organize OpenDay events where the SkyBreathe users (around 60 airlines) meet and exchange ideas to improve their savings and operations – making sure innovation never stops and building together the future of aviation!

Don’t miss out on the next one!


Flight Data Analytics Platform and Trajectory Optimization Tools

Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Flight Efficiency offering combines our flight data analytics platform with our growing suite of trajectory optimization tools to unlock savings using data-driven decision-making.

GoDirect Flight Efficiency brings together all flight variables in one place, including flight plans, weather, navigation charts, aircraft performance and more to give customers a comprehensive look at fleet and environment data, to lock in flight schedules, to increase efficiencies and to reduce costs.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates flight data into a one-stop shop, combined with powerful advisory and routing tools.
  • Provides clear analysis and real-time insights.
  • Improves data quality across the organization. Better quality means better decisions.
  • Unlocks savings beyond standard efficiency initiatives.

Helping Airlines Make Real-Time Decisions on Operations

Here are some of the ways GoDirect Flight Efficiency helps operators and pilots streamline for increased efficiency and savings:

  • Efficient flight paths: Pilots can view historical flight trajectories from an airline to request shortcuts in real time, even when up in the air. Airlines can also hone in on opportunities for savings by evaluating the use of procedures like acceleration altitude reduction and continuous descent operations at airports where they are applicable since climb and descent phases typically use high amounts of fuel.
  • Historical information on airports: The service allows pilots to visualize approaches into and out of an airport and typical holding patterns, which is especially useful when flying into unfamiliar locations. It also allows the pilot to make decisions on standard fuel-saving initiatives, such as using a single engine to taxi out to the runway.
  • Adjusting for changing variables: Airlines create flight plans based on information around winds and temperatures that can change from the time the plan is made to the time it is executed. GoDirect Flight Efficiency’s vertical optimization tool allows pilots and operators to adjust the altitude of the flight plan based on current information, which is also crucial in fuel savings.

Proven Value to Customers

Honeywell’s flight data analytics platform is used by more than 30 customers across the globe managing more than 2,300 aircrafts every day. Customers already have used the analytics tool and vertical optimization app to save thousands of tons of fuel.

The GoDirect service is currently available for purchase and is on a subscription basis that can scale to the size of any airline’s needs and budget.

Scalable and Flexible Solution

GoDirect Flight Efficiency can be scaled to meet any customer’s needs. GoDirect Flight Efficiency is extensively adaptable and has delivered value to carriers of all kinds and sizes, from the largest airline fleets in the world to small charter operators and cargo carriers.

We also offer highly rated workshops to familiarize customers and their stakeholders with the GoDirect Flight Efficiency tools, facilitating low-impact implementation and rapid results.