Sensus Aero

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Sensus Aero is a next-gen ERP software platform designed specifically for the aviation industry. Our focus is to create a software portal for real-time analytics that continues to evolve and provide actionable insights for major aviation businesses including MRO, Ground Handling, and Fuel management operations.

Sensus Aero: Streamlining Aviation Operations with Expertise and Innovation

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Sensus Aero: Streamlining Aviation Operations with Expertise and Innovation

At Sensus Aero, part of the Avia Solutions Group, we specialize in revolutionizing the aviation industry with our cutting-edge solutions. Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate into your operations, benefiting ground handlers, MROs, and service providers alike.

Effortless Change Management With over 55 years of collective experience, Sensus Aero stands at the forefront of change management in aviation. Our solutions are crafted to minimize disruption, offering a user-friendly experience with a remarkably low learning curve. This approach drastically reduces the need for extensive training, allowing your team to adapt quickly and efficiently.

User-Centric Design for Operational Excellence Our diverse team of experts is committed to meeting the unique needs of the aviation industry. We ensure compliance with global standards while driving digital transformation through our ERP solutions. Our focus is on enhancing your operational efficiency, simplifying processes, and ensuring you stay ahead in a dynamic industry.
Your Partner in Innovation Sensus Aero is more than just a software provider; we are your technology partner. Our mission is to boost your productivity and cost efficiency. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, developing bespoke solutions that lead to tangible improvements in your day-to-day operations. Choose Sensus Aero for a no-nonsense approach to aviation solutions that truly benefit your business.