Fuel Efficiency Program

One of the main cost positions of an airline is fuel. Compressing in average 15 to 30% of company total costs, small improvements in this major cost position have thus a high impact on the overall operating cost of the airline.

A major pain for the small operator, though, is to justify the implementation of a robust Fuel Efficiency system due to high costs, while trying to monitor it based only on spreadsheets may not bring expected results.

To cover this gap between “internal tools” and major (and expensive) systems, Simpfly brings to market the POTS™ (Pay-Over-True-Savings) program: we implement a Fuel Efficiency Program in your airline and you pay following a success-based approach:

  • As you save, we then just charge you a small percentage of that savings for a period (so a gain-gain situation). 
  •  But if you end up not saving anything (not expected, though), we won’t charge you anything (except from any software initial setup fee and travel expenses, as applicable) 

And, moreover: the amount charged is constrained, so you can be assured of the maximum charge, with no surprises.

Get our white paper for detailed information on the steps of our Fuel Efficiency POTS™ and its benefits for your airline.