aFuel is the system of choice when it comes to digitalizing the operational fueling process. It acts as digital exchange platform that connects airlines with fuel providers and into-plane agents, enabling a truly digital and automated fueling process worldwide. Every single step – form the initial fuel order to the final fuel slip sign-off – is processed digitally. This radical overhaul of the fueling process enables airlines to improve the turnaround efficiency, streamline back-office tasks and establish a new level of data quality. And due to aFuel’s swift implementation and worldwide coverage of airports, those benefits can be achieved almost immediately.

#1 Monetary Savings

Pairing the potential monetary savings enabled by the digital fueling process with the pricing model of aFuel, every customer will be able to achieve a substantial monetary savings right away. For most airlines, a positive ROI in Year 1 is easily achievable. 

#2 Automated Processes

The automation of the fueling process from start to finish, will help your airline to improve your processes all around. The turnaround process becomes more robust and back-office tasks will be more efficient due to the elimination of manual work. 

#3 Data Quality

When it comes to data insights, the fueling process has been a blind spot for a long time. This ends now! With aFuel you get the same level and quality of data insights for every flight across your network in real-time. 
Now it is your turn to make the most out of it.

aFuel in Numbers

The strength of aFuel arise from its ever-expanding network. To better understand how this network currently looks like, you can refer to the numbers below.

130 airports1 million messages a year34 Into-Plane Agents10 ongoing projects
28 countries120k yearly aFuel flights16 systems12 new airports