Fuel-Efficiency Solutions

Nearly forty percent of an airline’s operating cost is the fuel it takes to fly passengers and cargo from A to B.  Finding ways of reducing that cost has become critical to every airline’s success. Boeing has launched a suite of fuel-efficiency solutions which identifies broad savings opportunities. These easy-to-implement smart applications give airlines the information– and the advantages — they need to be successful.

  • The Boeing Fuel Dashboard provides aircraft operators with a comprehensive total fleet view of operational fuel consumption. With the Fuel Dashboard’s intelligent decision aids, airlines, business aviation operators and military organizations can gain insight into current fuel usage through all phases of flight. This visibility enables better decision-making to save fuel, money and reduce emissions.
  • The Boeing Emissions Reporter is an easy-to-use CO2 emissions reporting tool for business and commercial aviation operators of all sizes and all fleets. The Emissions Reporter accurately manages data from thousands of flights to ensure compliance with regulations, meeting the needs of operators, data verifiers and regulators.
  • Boeing provides add-on consulting services to determine the best approach to capture maximum savings. Boeing Edge experts can conduct on-site fuel saving assessments, analyze an operator’s actual performance, and benchmark the operator against industry standards.