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Airport Briefing

An Airport Brief contains instructions and information relating to operations at a specific airport and is meant to support pilots during flight preparation, being an important tool for Safety. 

Nevertheless, most operators do not give the necessary attention to it: some keep their briefs as part of their Operations Manual Part C, with slow implementation of changes over time, while those that keep them as a separate document may still suffer with outdated information linked to the little feedback received from pilots and lack of relevant information.

Simpfly Airport Briefing solution comes to change that: integrated with Wader, our partner reporting system, we are able to offer operators with a new concept totally focused on Threat and Error Management (TEM) to improve Situation Awareness of all those involved in flight operations.

Our EFB application allows pilots to access their briefing interactively, make personal and operational notes, and report Safety threads that are shared with the whole community through visual statistics.

Learn more by requesting a demo.

Authoring for AOC Application

Simpfly Ops Manuals Authoring for AOC Application (A4A™) is a complementary part of our  EFB Omni™ solution for startup operators.

To get your airline on-board of our solution, Simpfly will first of all assist you to have your Operations documentation EFB-ready and in accordance with your local CAA regulation, as well as IOSA standards. 

For startup operators, we further provide an authoring support by preparing your Operations documentation from scratch for a successful AOC application, including your:

  • Operations Manual (OM)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Cabin Crew Manual (CCM)

Get our white paper for detailed information on how (and how much) you will be able to save after adopting our EFB Omni™ solution, including Ops Manuals A4A™.


TrustFlight for Aircraft Operators
The TrustFlight Suite powers a connected workflow for your entire operation. This includes products such as the Electronic Tech Log, MEL Manager and Centrik to enable a transition away from paper, as well as services to help boost efficiency and reduce risk.

TrustFlight for MROs
As a Maintenance and Repair Organisation, our Centrik software, CAMO services, and Digital Engine Log will help you achieve new levels of productivity, quality and insight into your operations.

TrustFlight for Leasing Companies
As an aircraft lessor, effortlessly register your assets with our blockchain-based Aircraft Registry, leverage our CAMO service for inspections & technical support, and access data insights with the Digital Engine Log.

The TrustFlight Suite of Products:


Shorter Documents and Manageable Revisions

Yonder helps users find relevant information by providing shorter documents and manageable revisions. A workflow-based approval tool allows to collaborate without being physically in the same location. This workflow is configured to customer specific needs and can including regulatory authorities and external stakeholders.

Our services consist of converting lengthy manuals into small information units (modules) and keeping these modules up-to-date.

Our software adds meta-information to the modules to allow re-using the same information in different contexts (filtering, versions, revisions, etc.). Furthermore, our software features an integrated workflow solution to edit and approve change requests.

Differentiating Service Features

  • We do the hard work for you: converting lengthy manuals into modules is blood, sweat and tears
  • We keep your information up-to-date, you stay in control through workflow-based approval
  • We deliver precision work, proudly made in Switzerland

Differentiating Software Features

  • Dynamic content filtering
  • Revision task lists
  • Workflow-based approval tool
  • Industry-agnostic software tool

S4A Smart DOC

S4A Smart DOC is an extensive, easy-to-use, fully configurable repository for all types of operations-related documents. Like all S4A products, it is based on a multi-user interface with different user roles that can be configured and added directly in the system’s User Management according to the client’s needs and preferences. 
Smart DOC comes with a complete set of features such as:

  • One-click access to documents,
  • Archival and audit documents control,
  • Export/import of documents and folders,
  • Document targeting by role, fleet or airports,
  • Customizable access levels within the repository,
  • New/Unread documents notification,
  • Advanced search engine,
  • Keeping track of in-system activity,
  • Security of documents – all versions backed up,
  • Detailed reports generator,
  • Possible integration with external systems.

Smart DOC can be used to distribute/view various types of documents including: aircraft manuals, company manuals, terminal charts, personal documents etc., if provided in a format supported by 
the system.

Smart DOC Mobile synchronizes company and personal documents stored on mobile devices with their most recent versions available in the central database. The system highlights differences between versions, stores update information in audit trail logs, and allows users to choose between manual or automatic synchronization modes. EFB and mobile interface gives users offline access to documents during flight.

Key Features:

  • Various types of files: Flight Briefing Documents, Aircraft Technical Bulletins (ATBs), Messages, Standard document files (doc, pdf, etc.), Station information (contacts, etc.)
  • Content delivered to users assigned individually, according to groups/roles, or by other criteria such as departure / arrival station or flight number
  • Advanced access rights management
  • Intuitive hierarchical structure with multilevel access control
  • Effective one-way communication with all users
  • Automatic archiving based on individual parameters of each document
  • Tracking of document reading status per user

Document Management

Manage documents, version control and required reading lists on our document management portal. Assign required reading by groups, email alerts to users and administrators and capture an audit trail of outstanding action required, plus make use of many more intelligent compliance features. Our document management portal is a hands-down winner when it comes to simplifying and standardising required reading for your personnel.

Electronic Flight Operations Manuals

More Details about EFOM

EFOM (Electronic Flight Operations Manuals) is an XML-based content management system for flight and ground ops documentation. The software is developed and continuously improved to optimize airline processes. It is a proven solution that integrates all legacy aircraft by Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.

image 2: Feature list of EFOM

Avoid redundancy

  • Import modules for manufacturer XML data available
  • Tasklits guidance enables checking of the changes
  • Library functionality available
  • Single-source publishing in different formats

Open for customized enhancements

  • Powerful effectivity management
  • Flexible to integrate new documents
  • Generates reference reports for EASA, IOSA or other authority audits

Expandable for new publishing back- ends?

  • Free definable variants for filtering documentation
  • Open system to support future formats

Content management system

  • Editing: hyperlinks, graphics, effectivity, text guidance with defined structures, etc.
  • Regular link check with a consistency check
  • Configuration management functional- ity for fleets, variants, tail signs and serial numbers
  • Usage of library units to avoid redundancy
  • Versioning mechanism: one version per check-in. Each check-in of a document unit creates a new version, which can be viewed in the window status history of the EFOM work- bench. In this way, the whole working process can be reviewed
  • Workflow: this status-driven workflow controls the essential operations that are applicable to all information nodes

Management of manual revisions

  • Free definable revision profiles
  • Make revision function: as a result a frozen customer document is created and stored separately in the database, including all graphics and metadata
  • EFOM’s revision generator always uses the latest accepted text elements for assembling a revision, with auto- matic insertion of ATA iSpec 2200 revision markup
  • Revision comparison and revision highlights
  • Workflow: this status-driven workflow controls the essential operations that are applicable to all information nodes

Preview and publishing

  • Reader target group publishing (e. g. cabin or cockpit)
  • Different publishing backends (electronic or paper) for different formats
  • Publishing for different workflow states

Import module

  • Import for manufacturer SGML or XML data available
  • Tasklist guidance through manufacturer changes
  • Search – simple and extended – to find everything quickly and easily

DocSurf Mobile

More Details about DocSurf Mobile

The point of manuals is to speed things up with helpful information and clear procedures. With the increasing complexity of systems and processes, however, having to physically look up the information you need in a multitude of binders and reams of pages defeats the purpose. DocSurf Mobile keeps everything organized, up-to-date, and at your fingertips anywhere, anytime – in seconds.

image 3: DocSurf Mobile on iPad

Simplified document management – anytime

  • One centralized platform for all your FlightOps docs.
  • Automatic updating and revision safety, including attachments.

Instant access – anywhere

  • Immediate access from any mobile device (Windows and iOS).
  • Enhanced user interface, optimized for each device type.
  • Full flexibility as a standalone, intranet or EFB app.

Intuitive navigation – in seconds

  • Find what you’re looking for – just a lot more easily and faster.
  • Arrange the information the way you want it.
  • Focus on specific aircraft types with effectivity filtering.
image 4: Feature list for DocSurf Mobile


Content Management System for Aviation

Born out of Airframe and Engine OEM requirements for authoring, revisioning and distribution / publishing of Digital Documents, AeroSoft, in 2008, licensed technology and commercial rights of an established product suite in aviation and is continuing its enhancements, development, and marketing as DigiDOC™.

The DigiDOC™ suite is highly flexible and customizable and it comes tailored for iSPEC2200, S1000D as well as .PDF and other Enterprise Documents. It enables the airline or MRO to assemble an electronic repository environment that is particularly geared towards their customized needs with full integration with either AeroSoft’s DigiMAINT™ or WebPMI™ MRO / M&E solutions. More importantly, DigiDOC™ is more widely being integrated with Best-of-Breed alternative MRO / M&E Systems.

Electronic Documents On Demand

In order to meet strict regulatory needs, customer demands and financial goals, maintaining modern aircraft requires that the MRO team has real time access to accurate documentation.

… Our Solution

DigiDOC™ elements have been installed in major airlines, OEMs and MRO’s and consists of the following application elements:

  • DigiDOC™ CMS – is a virtual content management repository system built and based on XML and Java, which deploys integration and process control over the Internet through a ‘logical document’ concept.
  • DigiDOC™ ATA – is a CMS extension to support full scope of ATA iSPEC 2200 specification, with ability to manage locally authored content, merge OEM and local content and publish and distribute merged content.
  • DigiDOC™ IETM – enables data to be distributed, published and viewed in multiple formats and on multiple devices.
  • DigiDOC™ MRM – is an extension to support integration with MRO/M&E systems.

Scenarios of how to use the DigiDOC™ suite:

  • Manage enterprise-wide aviation digital document content.
  • Distribute electronically OEM publication data within your MRO organization.
  • Manage enterprise specific content (Customer Originated Changes) and approval process.
  • Enhance enterprise with a full scoped Job Card production system.
  • Integrate all three main products to allow creation and management of supplements provided by the operator.

What’s in DigiDOC™?

DigiDOC™ is a globally recognized and installed Digital Document Content Management Solution. It includes:

Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETP)

  • DigiDOC™ IETP provides both standalone and web delivery of OEM Technical Manuals, e.g. AMM, FIM, IPC and WDM.
  • Standalone CD / DVD solution or EFB can be used in remote locations or locations with limited Internet access.
  • Publish to EFB.
  • IETP is able to display browser-native graphics like GIF, PNG and JPG. For non-native advanced graphic formats like CGM and TIFF, the customer may select to use built-in CGM/ TIFF to GIF conversion and lose ‘enhanced’ features like hot spots or deploy native CGM licensed viewer/editor.

Local Editing of Original Manufacturer Data – “Green Pages”

  • “Green Pages” can be used to add airline specific engineering data to the OEM manuals or make company specific changes.
  • XML authoring toolkit provides advantages against proprietary formats like reusable content, search, compare, and more.
  • DigiDOC™ supports XMetaL, EPIC and other editors.
  • Supplemental data can be attached to primary technical information and can include pictures, movies, maintenance tips, best practice information, etc.
  • Annotations can be used to collect information from the shop floor and made into references to both approved and in-work technical content.
  • The Local Edit Solution is coupled with the IETM Solution to provide a full technical content solution for the airline.
  • The solution includes a full revision analysis feature that allows engineering / technical publication to review the changes from the manufacturer on-line and make change impact decisions and resolutions quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance Requirement Management App. (MRMA)

  • Manage Airline Approved Maintenance Programs (AAMP) interfaced to the OEM’s Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) revisions.
  • The AAMP is defined by the airline and approved by the Regulatory Agency. This AAMP is based on the OEM’s MPD and fine-tuned by the operator.
  • The MRMA Solution provides an efficient interface for managing the AAMP by the airline including the impact analysis of the OEM’s MPD revisions.
  • The OEM’s MPD is digitally imported into the system and Engineering is provided a user interface to update, add, and approve maintenance requirements subject to review by the Regulatory Agency.
  • The solution also provides a revision analysis tool for identifying changes to the OEM’s MPD and an online review and resolution tool for quick and efficient program updates.
  • The DigiDOC™ solution allows for the export of the AAMP for loading into the M&E system.
  • This capability reduces re-authoring and errors, and facilitates traceability back to the airline Maintenance Program and OEM’s MPD.

High level functions and advantages of AeroSoft’s DigiDOC™

  • ATA iSPEC2200, S1000D and DITA capable with full SGML, XML, .PDF support and provision for paper / image management.
  • Common Interactive Electronic Technical Manual Viewer for diverse OEM and Engine fleets and manuals.
  • Common XML Repository / Virtual Folder structure for all reusable and derivative documents.
  • Anchor and Minimum Revisable Unit (MRU) Management.
  • AMM, IPC, WDM, TSM, FIM / FRM, Task Card Manual, MPD, Job Cards, SB / AD etc. but also Flight Manuals (FCOM, QRH, AFM et al).
  • OEM and Official Airline Revision Management.
  • Incremental Revisions / Temporary Revisions.
  • Customer Originated Change Management, Local authoring/ Customization.
  • Maintenance Planning Program Management and Authoring.
  • Workflow and Impact Analysis.
  • Customizable meta-data for tracking ‘change authority’ / ‘revision history’ audit trail.
  • Web / Intranet / Internet as well as media based distribution including EFB publishing.
  • XML Authoring, Graphics editing.
  • Data extraction and integration into MRO / M&E Systems via SOAP, URL, XML:
    • Job Card to Work Package links
    • IPC initial and revision loading into Part Masters
    • SB/AB notification
    •  MPD Change management
    • Electronic Compliance / Signature
    • Airplane modification status
  • Automated Job Card Generation 
  • 3-D security ‘matrix’ linked to Active Directory
  • Digital Signatures.
  • Supplementary data management – All corporate documents authored and revised with MS Office Applications can be managed and ‘attached’ to XML based documents.

    Web Manuals

    Web Manuals International AB has developed knowledge-management solutions for the aviation industry since 2008, with the headquarters in Malmö, Sweden and an office in San Diego, California. Web Manuals is a tool for digitizing manuals to simplify authoring and distribution of company manuals for the aviation industry.

    The Web Manuals team consists of 25 dedicated professionals and the company is certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 27001 Information Security Management standards. 

    Web Manuals is used by more than 140 flag carriers, regional operators, wet-lease operators, business jet operators, helicopter operators and aviation service providers in Europe, the US, the Middle East and Africa.

    What we do

    Web Manuals is available as a Software-as-a-Service subscription, with minimal training and configuration required to get started. The service includes support, hosting, availability monitoring, maintenance, and at least two system upgrades per year.

    The benefits we bring to our clients

    We set the standard for digitizing manuals for the aviation industry by providing an easy-to-use solution enabling end-to-end control, compliance, agility and cost-efficiency.

    In short, our clients save time and money in editing, publishing and distributing their operational manuals while being able to publish new revisions as often as needed and gain a full control of their documentation and communication systems.

    The Web Manuals Compliance Libraries enable compliance automation by allowing controlled real-time compliance monitoring of company procedures linked to Implementing Rules and Acceptable Means of Compliance in the EASA and FAA regulations, as well as a number of aviation standards such as IS-BAO and ARGUS.