S4A Smart DOC is an extensive, easy-to-use, fully configurable repository for all types of operations-related documents. Like all S4A products, it is based on a multi-user interface with different user roles that can be configured and added directly in the system’s User Management according to the client’s needs and preferences. 
Smart DOC comes with a complete set of features such as:

  • One-click access to documents,
  • Archival and audit documents control,
  • Export/import of documents and folders,
  • Document targeting by role, fleet or airports,
  • Customizable access levels within the repository,
  • New/Unread documents notification,
  • Advanced search engine,
  • Keeping track of in-system activity,
  • Security of documents – all versions backed up,
  • Detailed reports generator,
  • Possible integration with external systems.

Smart DOC can be used to distribute/view various types of documents including: aircraft manuals, company manuals, terminal charts, personal documents etc., if provided in a format supported by 
the system.

Smart DOC Mobile synchronizes company and personal documents stored on mobile devices with their most recent versions available in the central database. The system highlights differences between versions, stores update information in audit trail logs, and allows users to choose between manual or automatic synchronization modes. EFB and mobile interface gives users offline access to documents during flight.

Key Features:

  • Various types of files: Flight Briefing Documents, Aircraft Technical Bulletins (ATBs), Messages, Standard document files (doc, pdf, etc.), Station information (contacts, etc.)
  • Content delivered to users assigned individually, according to groups/roles, or by other criteria such as departure / arrival station or flight number
  • Advanced access rights management
  • Intuitive hierarchical structure with multilevel access control
  • Effective one-way communication with all users
  • Automatic archiving based on individual parameters of each document
  • Tracking of document reading status per user