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The Aircraft IT Operations eJournal is published every 3 months and contains white papers written by leading consultants/experts and case studies from the IT users themselves, the airlines and aircraft operators. There are also sections detailing the latest news items and latest technology updates to allow you to keep up-to-date with this rapidly developing sector of the industry.

Current Issue Aircraft IT OPS Issue 57: Autumn 2023

Aircraft IT OPS Issue 57: Autumn 2023

> CASE STUDY: FDM data key to easyJet’s flight efficiency
Taylor Bradbury, ETS Manager, easyJet
> CASE STUDY: KLM implemented a new airports and obstacles database
René Dijkema, Flight operations Engineer, KLM
Bruno Ramioulle, Partner, ACFTPERFO

> CASE STUDY: Flight efficiency at airBaltic: past, present, and future
Rihards Kārlis Eizentāls, Flight Operations Digital Solutions Manager, airBaltic
> CASE STUDY: A new fuel efficiency solution at Viva Aerobus
Paola Cavazos, Operations Engineering Manager, Viva Aerobus
François Chazelle, Head of Sales Support, Flight Efficiency, SITA FOR AIRCRAFT

> CASE STUDY: Digital document management adds value for Vueling
Mar Albaladejo Mans, Flight ops projects, manuals and operational supervision manager, Vueling
Xavier Merencio Espar, EFB administrator and Flight ops projects engineer, Vueling

> VENDOR FLIGHT LOGS: Web Manuals, SkyPath, and Information Design

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