Aircraft IT Operations – August / September 2015

Aircraft IT Operations – August / September 2015 Cover


Name Author
eTechLog: Digital trumps paper in the cockpit Vera Suhova, Project Manager, Conduce Group View article
Column: The World according to IT and me.. Moving Flight Ops content into the 21st century Paul Saunders, Solution Manager, Flatirons Solutions View article
Case Study: Optimizing Arrival Fuel at Aeromexico Mike Irrgang, Sr. Aviation Consultant, Professional Services, Boeing, and Rafael Suarez, Sr. Vice President, Flight Operations, Aeromexico View article
Connected Aircraft / Disconnected Airlines: The Future of eEnablement Captain Michael Bryan, Principal, and Philip Benedict, Principal, Closed Loop, Jay Carmel, Associate, and Sam Dinte, Consultant, Avascent View article

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