Aircraft IT OPS Issue 55: Spring 2023

Aircraft IT OPS Issue 55: Spring 2023 Cover


Name Author
WHITE PAPER: Making better informed decisions about weather Guy Maylatt, Aviation Product Manager, View article
CASE STUDY: A new Weight & Balance, Takeoff, and Landing Runway Performance solution at Kalitta Charters II William Pletzke, Director of Safety, Kalitta Charters II View article
CASE STUDY: MYAirline builds the right foundations for success Capt. Dharmaraj Naiker, Director of Flight Operations, and Capt. Kuhan Ananthavadivel, Head of Safety and Quality, both at MYAirline View article
CASE STUDY: Taking basics to the next level at Frontier Airlines Casey Meeks, Technical Standards Captain, Frontier Airlines View article
CASE STUDY: A digital solution for greater flight efficiency Frank Appeltrath, Head of Flight OPS & Support, AeroLogic GmbH and Vincent Toegel, Fleet Chief B777, AeroLogic GmbH View article

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