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NAV Flight Services

We have been providing professional flight planning services for over 30 years. We are currently offering a wide range of products and services. Our key products include:

NAVsystem, the IFR Flight planning system, is the perfect tool for economical and safe flight planning. The optimum route function allows you to perfect your fuel consumption. Each and every calculation is based on individual performance data. We put emphasis on simplicity and intuitive user interface and we never stop updating the software.

Recently, we have launched our latest product. NAVlink is enabling FPL and wind uplinks to FMS via ACARS.

We run the Education and Training Center NAVacademy – where we combine theory with practice. The NAVacademy provides you and your flight dispatchers with the all-in-one training. We are also ready to accommodate any individual training requests. Training sessions are led by qualified professionals with many years of experience.

Individual consultations will answer all the questions you have about OCC systems, Datalink, EFB, A / C performance, flight efficiency, complex system integration and more. We also help our clients to develop solutions in these areas and tailor them for their specific flight operations.

The selection of services wouldn’t be complete without our very own NAVjet supervising.

Our company holds the ISO9001 and NATO AQAP 2110 certificates.

The Weather Company

At The Weather Company, we specialize in providing advanced weather solutions to the aviation industry, addressing the critical challenges faced by dispatch, pilots, and operations. These teams operate under high pressure, monitoring multiple systems for essential information to maintain safety and efficiency. With nearly 75% of air traffic delays attributed to inclement weather, costing the airline industry billions annually, there’s a pressing need for accurate, comprehensive, and actionable weather data.

The Weather Company’s aviation solutions portfolio is designed to enhance operational decisions, ensuring flights are safe, efficient, and profitable. By leveraging precise, personalized weather insights, airlines can reduce operational costs, minimize weather-related disruptions, and improve the passenger experience. These solutions include applications, expert forecast services, and access to a wealth of weather data.

With nearly three decades of aviation forecasting expertise, The Weather Company equips its customers to manage disruptive weather efficiently, ensuring safety, compliance, and exceptional passenger experiences. We help you navigate the complexities of weather impacts, enabling informed decision-making for better operational outcomes.

Gozen Digital Aviation

Flight Operations

Gözen Digital Aviation (GDA) focuses on creating advanced digital solutions for the aviation industry while setting new standards of digital strategies for leading companies in the market. GDA is thrilled to generate high-functionality niches through the expertise gathered from multiple verticals of aviation. The Company’s vision is to accelerate growth in digital aviation activities, drive enhanced operating efficiencies and provide end-to-end service along with Gozen’s existing activities in the aviation ecosystem.

Operator is a web-based flight scheduling system that consolidates all operational support systems into one seamless solution to meet the unique requirements of ad-hoc operations such as business, charter, and corporate aviation. The product line will become a valuable addition to GDA’s portfolio to provide end-to-end digital solutions in aviation operations while continuing its operational excellence. GDA has plans to further develop Operator based on tailor-made solutions and experience as a service approach. With an outstanding focus on customer success, an aviation-oriented and dedicated team has been assigned to provide support on a 24/7 basis.

Simorg is the most comprehensive management software for flight training operations. It offers an integrated and technologically advanced solution that brings intelligence to your daily operations. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent features, Simorg enhances the efficiency and flexibility of your facility. It provides cutting-edge digital solutions for critical tasks such as scheduling, maintenance, compliance, reporting, and training.

Nabla Mobility

Untangle API

Untangle API enhances situational awareness for pilots by providing advanced turbulence prediction and avoidance capabilities. This API allows for the integration into existing software, offering detailed contextualized turbulence data for individual flights, including specific times, altitudes, and EDR levels tailored to an aircraft’s model weight. Aimed at increasing software trust, improving safety, and supporting decarbonization efforts. We continuously iterate and improve our technology, ensuring that you always have access to the most up-to-date and reliable turbulence data.

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Weave is an application for pilot, dispatcher and operations teams to access Untangle features, without the need to build integrations. It does not replace the planning or EFB tools that you know and rely upon, but makes them better. Adding advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to your workflow can reduce workload and produce better results, for both fuel and time optimizations, all while ensuring safety. Weave glues together a number of different aviation tools to add a new layer of intelligence. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that Weave is constantly evolving, incorporating user feedback and the latest technological advancements to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

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Partnership program

NABLA’s partnership program invites developers (of EFBs, briefing, planning and weather software products) short haul airlines (from any region), to explore new, verified methods of achieving higher levels of efficiency.

As a developer, take advantage of next generation data driven optimization techniques to unlock greater potential and make better products for your customers. As an airline, increase safety and on time performance while simultaneously lowering your fuel costs and boosting your decarbonization efforts.

We apply novel ML/AI technologies to aviation proven results so that you can take advantage of untapped efficiencies. Increase your opportunities by solving complexities with an ML/AI partner.

Partner with NABLA Mobility. Our innovation fuels your innovation.

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White Paper 01: Turbulence avoidance and altitude optimization

White Paper 02: Elevating aircraft performance with precision models

Motulus: Integrated Crew Scheduling

Reduce operational costs, improve crew satisfaction whilst operating a smooth schedule

For many airlines operating costs, fuel and crew costs form a significant part of their cost base. The delivery of an efficient and robust plan whilst continuing to guarantee an excellent customer offering and employee satisfaction is critical to an airline’s success, The complexity of such a plan, and its importance to an organisation makes creating schedules and operational plans ideal candidates to be solved by optimization.

At Motulus.aero we enjoy solving problems that haven’t been solved before by deploying the next generation in optimization products. By combining pioneering algorithms with the power of cloud computing we can tackle these complex and large-scale problems.

Specialising in crew scheduling (pairing and roster production), tail assignment and network optimization we help organisations to:

– reduce crew costs
– increase aircraft and equipment utilisation
– reduce fuel and operational costs
– improve revenue opportunities
– increase crew and colleague satisfactions
– improve operational robustness


Motulus Integrated Crew Scheduling (MICS)                   

MICS is a pioneering optimization product that generates crew pairings and crew rosters in one optimization run.

Motulus Tail Assignment (MTA)    

MTA allocates aircraft to flights by looking for the best solution to reduce costs (e.g. fuel) and provide operational stability.

Motulus Network Optimization (MNO)                                                                  

MNO answers the question of when to fly where. Combining aircraft, crew, and yield inputs, it generates the optimal solution.

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Motulus.aero were formed in 2018 by a team with deep expertise in mathematics and software development, who particularly focus on building groundbreaking optimization products. Having deployed products to a number of industries Motulus had an original mission in aviation to develop innovative products for airline crew resource scheduling problem.


OffBlock GmbH, based in Crailsheim, Germany, is dedicated to innovative software solutions for the crew management sector. Since its founding in 2018, the start-up has very quickly developed into a 21-strong team behind the brand. On the B2B side, the company offers a cloud-based add-on solution for airline crew management systems. On the B2C side, the portfolio includes an interactive all-in-one app that bundles flight crew communication, including roster management, on one platform.
The OffBlock app is also a complete digital pilot logbook.

N-Ops Control Center

N-Ops Control Center

When it comes to efficiently manage your flights, N-Flight Planning, N-Tracking, N-RAIM & N-Performance provide you with an exhaustive suite of solutions.
N-Flight Planning

N-Ops Control Center Crew solutions address all aspects of crew management: from pairing optimization, to preferential bidding systems along with day to day operations management, NAVBLUE can provide the entire suite of crew systems.
N-Crew Planning

Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System, V2 (ARMS® – FPDS)

Centralized and Remote Flight Dispatch
ARMS® FPDS provides accurate and optimized flight plans to enable reduced contingency dispatch, bringing in fuel savings. You may customize the CFP output format to your operating crew’s convenience and specific needs. ARMS® FPDS produces a complete “Trip Kit” which has CFP (including ETOPS CFP), FPL, Filtered NOTAMs, Weather Briefing, etc., which may be printed or transmitted to EFB or LPC systems.

Being an integral component of ARMS®, it seamlessly shares Flight Planning information and data with the other sub-systems of ARMS® V2, wherever required.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Computerized Flight Planning (CFP) – including ETOPS
  • Load & Trim (L&T) – for Cargo & Passenger Aircraft
  • Pre-Flight Documentation (PFD) – filing of FPL/ RPL, Euro Clearance, etc.
  • Aircrew Self-Briefing (ASB) – Web-based
  • Additional subscription services to other FPDS Databases:-  
    Navigation (NavDB)
    Weather (MetDB)
    NOTAM (NotDB)
    Aircraft Performance (AcDB)

Aviation Charting Service

Aeronautical Chart Data Display & Chart Rendering Toolset
Aviation Charting Service (ACS) is designed for application developers wishing to add an aeronautical chart display—based on ARINC 424 data—to their application. The toolset renders ARINC 424 data as vector elements from a SQLite database, minimizing the footprint of the data and increasing load times. ACS also supports raster tiles for the display of cultural, terrain, or weather data. As part of the ACS service, customers can choose to subscribe to the converted ARINC 424 data from Eagle Cap Software, or use your existing subscription and our data converter.

Vector ARINC 424 Data Display Raster Tile Background Data iOS & Web Support 2D & 3D Mapping Works Offline

Technology Stack Overview

  • Tool to convert ARINC 424 aeronautical data to a
  • SQLite database
  • Libraries necessary to query and cache data
  • Libraries to format data into GeoJSON format or object-oriented query results
  • Data web service creates and provides GeoJSON data to the web engine implementation
  • Code to render the data using the Google web Mapping Engine utilizing the data web service
  • iOS Framework and libraries to render the data in an iOS environment using WhirlyGlobe Mapping Engine

Vector Data Elements

  • Airports
  • VORs
  • NDBs
  • Waypoints
  • Airways (High)
  • Airways (Low)
  • Restricted Airspace
  • FIRs


AIR SUPPORT specializes in the provision of the desktop and cloud-based flight planning software PPS Flight Planning System (PPS) and the integrated CrewBriefing web application and flight tracking. AIR SUPPORT is one of the world’s leading suppliers of flight planning software solutions to private and commercial business aircraft operators, regional/charter/cargo/national airlines as well as military/utility operators.

PPS includes all global route restrictions, worldwide updated NOTAMs, surface weather data along with wind- and significant weather charts based on original source data. AIR SUPPORT delivers the most cost-efficient flight planning system with the best ROI.

By continuously focusing on the customer’s needs for flexibility and performance, AIR SUPPORT is the preferred partner for flight operation departments throughout the world. PPS Flight Planning is the world’s most flexible flight planning solution and offers very low operating costs, resulting in the highest cost/benefit ratio. Additionally, PPS also supports automated data import from various scheduling/crew/maintenance systems and automated data export to present or future EFB solutions.