Aviation Charting Service

Aeronautical Chart Data Display & Chart Rendering Toolset
Aviation Charting Service (ACS) is designed for application developers wishing to add an aeronautical chart display—based on ARINC 424 data—to their application. The toolset renders ARINC 424 data as vector elements from a SQLite database, minimizing the footprint of the data and increasing load times. ACS also supports raster tiles for the display of cultural, terrain, or weather data. As part of the ACS service, customers can choose to subscribe to the converted ARINC 424 data from Eagle Cap Software, or use your existing subscription and our data converter.

Vector ARINC 424 Data Display Raster Tile Background Data iOS & Web Support 2D & 3D Mapping Works Offline

Technology Stack Overview

  • Tool to convert ARINC 424 aeronautical data to a
  • SQLite database
  • Libraries necessary to query and cache data
  • Libraries to format data into GeoJSON format or object-oriented query results
  • Data web service creates and provides GeoJSON data to the web engine implementation
  • Code to render the data using the Google web Mapping Engine utilizing the data web service
  • iOS Framework and libraries to render the data in an iOS environment using WhirlyGlobe Mapping Engine

Vector Data Elements

  • Airports
  • VORs
  • NDBs
  • Waypoints
  • Airways (High)
  • Airways (Low)
  • Restricted Airspace
  • FIRs