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NABLA Mobility is an aviation technology start-up committed to driving industry decarbonization by improving operational efficiency. Our products, Weave and Untangle API, transform airline operations. Weave assists the flight ops team’s in-flight decision-making, reducing cognitive workload. Simultaneously, Untangle API delivers advanced turbulence prediction and avoidance, integrating into existing systems to provide pilots with detailed, flight-specific turbulence data. Together, these innovations achieve a new level of operational efficiency and improved safety by optimizing flight paths and minimizing diversions due to turbulence. This reduces excess fuel burn, supporting our commitment to lowering the aviation industry’s carbon footprint. With a dedicated application in Weave and an API for integration in Untangle API, NABLA Mobility offers flexibility, allowing customers to choose how they access and incorporate advanced turbulence prediction and avoidance capabilities into their operations.

Untangle API

Untangle API enhances situational awareness for pilots by providing advanced turbulence prediction and avoidance capabilities. This API allows for the integration into existing software, offering detailed contextualized turbulence data for individual flights, including specific times, altitudes, and EDR levels tailored to an aircraft’s model weight. Aimed at increasing software trust, improving safety, and supporting decarbonization efforts. We continuously iterate and improve our technology, ensuring that you always have access to the most up-to-date and reliable turbulence data.

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Weave is an application for pilot, dispatcher and operations teams to access Untangle features, without the need to build integrations. It does not replace the planning or EFB tools that you know and rely upon, but makes them better. Adding advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to your workflow can reduce workload and produce better results, for both fuel and time optimizations, all while ensuring safety. Weave glues together a number of different aviation tools to add a new layer of intelligence. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that Weave is constantly evolving, incorporating user feedback and the latest technological advancements to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

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Partnership program

NABLA’s partnership program invites developers (of EFBs, briefing, planning and weather software products) short haul airlines (from any region), to explore new, verified methods of achieving higher levels of efficiency.

As a developer, take advantage of next generation data driven optimization techniques to unlock greater potential and make better products for your customers. As an airline, increase safety and on time performance while simultaneously lowering your fuel costs and boosting your decarbonization efforts.

We apply novel ML/AI technologies to aviation proven results so that you can take advantage of untapped efficiencies. Increase your opportunities by solving complexities with an ML/AI partner.

Partner with NABLA Mobility. Our innovation fuels your innovation.

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