Flight Planning & Dispatch Sub-System, V2 (ARMS® – FPDS)

Centralized and Remote Flight Dispatch
ARMS® FPDS provides accurate and optimized flight plans to enable reduced contingency dispatch, bringing in fuel savings. You may customize the CFP output format to your operating crew’s convenience and specific needs. ARMS® FPDS produces a complete “Trip Kit” which has CFP (including ETOPS CFP), FPL, Filtered NOTAMs, Weather Briefing, etc., which may be printed or transmitted to EFB or LPC systems.

Being an integral component of ARMS®, it seamlessly shares Flight Planning information and data with the other sub-systems of ARMS® V2, wherever required.

Modules & Functionalities:

  • Computerized Flight Planning (CFP) – including ETOPS
  • Load & Trim (L&T) – for Cargo & Passenger Aircraft
  • Pre-Flight Documentation (PFD) – filing of FPL/ RPL, Euro Clearance, etc.
  • Aircrew Self-Briefing (ASB) – Web-based
  • Additional subscription services to other FPDS Databases:-  
    Navigation (NavDB)
    Weather (MetDB)
    NOTAM (NotDB)
    Aircraft Performance (AcDB)