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Electronic Techlog (ETL)

Clients like BA CityFlyer will testify that when you bring ETL on board you benefit from minute-by-minute visibility of your fleet; built-in management of defects and recurring tasks; and data that can be integrated into your maintenance system. Say goodbye to tasks that sap efficiency and introduce the risk of error, like manual data entry or day-to-day technology management and let ETL take the worry off your hands.

ARMS® on the TAB

ARMS® on the TAB™ …beyond EFB & ETL

“ARMS® on the TAB™” is a solution for aviation operators in their adoption of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Electronic Tech Log (ETL) extending beyond EFB & ETL. The investment on this solution can enable migration to the use of the rapidly proliferating tablets for other user groups like Cabin Crew, M&E Crew and Load Masters, etc., all controlled by a unified Backend Server infrastructure.

Electronic Tech-Log



  • Works when you are offline
  • Manages unknown users
  • Works with laptops and tablets running on Windows 7 or above


  • Built with flexibility in mind
  • Connects to your MRO system
    • Works with AMOS
    • Implements ATA eLB
  • Will gladly interface with
    • A/C Systems
    • electronic Flight Bags
    • ACARS printers

Works with Laptops and Tablets running Microsoft Windows 7 & 8

  • Use existing Hardware
  • Use rugged Hardware
  • Use a wide variety of accessories


  • SD cards for backup – RFID readers for Cabin Safety Chec
  • RFID readers for Cabin Safety Checks


  • CROSSMOS will let you drop the paper in no time.
  • On every screen there is a questionmark-button which leads you to the user manual.
  • New users are guided by tooltips and online help.

No hand-writing

  • Your mechanics can actually read what the pilot wrote

No re-typing

  • Accurate data in your MRO system without spending time and money

Pre-defined text-entries

  • Capture the same defect in the same way


  • The electronic Tech-Log is an integral part of going paperless.
  • It can run on the same hardware platform as other software in the cockpit.
  • It integrates with the electronic Flight Bag and an electronic MEL.


  • No need for long-term paper storage.
  • The digital original is backed-up and kept for years as part of our SaaS deal.


  • Pre-populated form fields
  • Guided data-entry (e.g. auto-complete)
  • Pre-defined text-blocks
  • Direct MEL lookup (requires additional software)


  • All data on board is collected by a Master Device.
  • Data is stored in two locations.
  • Files use strong encryption to be safe from prying eyes and modification.
  • All data communication is encrypted.


A dedicated application to maintenance operators

Maintenance operators must be capable of preparing defects treatments as soon as the aircraft lands or even before. 


  • Add, consult & manage defect(s) reported on a specific aircraft
  • Consult validity of conducted checks & perform checks and servicing
  • Full historical overview of the technical status of aircraft
  • Consult aircraft specific documents

2 modules:

  • AIRCRAFT: it allows the mechanic to search for and select an aircraft.
  • TECHLOG: it provides access to defects, checks, servicing and documents related to the aircraft.

TECHLOG: To serve all of the stakeholders:

  • For mechanics: AvioTech application
  • For pilots: a module in AvioBook
  • Cabin crew: a module in AvioCabin
  • For MCC: integrated in AvioBase


Conduce eTechLog8 Suite of Applications

Established in 2009 but built upon 30 years of aviation software industry experience. We have unrivalled expertise with electronic logbook applications – the solutions have seen over 135,000 sectors flown and over 250,000 defects raised and actioned.  Conduce applications are built upon three generations of native mobile app experience. For offline capability and critical system resilience, our solutions are based upon an MS .NET and MS SQL backend, with MS Azure Cloud hosting, and MS Windows 10 LTSB client facing applications.



• Aircraft Fleet View


• Support
• Consulting
• Business Intelligence solutions
• App and dashboard development

CrossConsense’s portfolio stretches from AMOS Support, BI-Management, Data Migration and Hosting to the products Aircraft Fleet View (progressive web app for up-to-date fleet status), and ACSIS (tool for predictive maintenance).

“Since being established in 2002, we basically think from the perspective of the user. We are not pure IT geeks and it is exactly that which characterizes our services and products. Thus, we distinguish ourselves from most of the specialists for the implementation of solutions. We can’t do otherwise, because in the DNA of CrossConsense are many years of experience in Airlines, in the area of procurement, engineering and maintenance. We know your job as if it were ours. And THAT you will feel immediately!”

AMOS Support: CrossConsense has a long tradition in providing support for AMOS. You have one single point of contact (no separated responsibilities for hardware, database or application support) for 1st and 2nd level. CrossConsense realizes well-planned and perfectly organized data migration projects for airline customers. CrossConsense also offers Reporting and Business Intelligence Analytics for AMOS customers.

Aircraft Fleet View is a user-friendly Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by CrossConsense that gives you an always up-to-date view on your airline’s fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information.

ACSIS is a powerful software tool developed to assist any airline, aircraft operator, MRO facility and OEM to avoid AOGs, delays and turnbacks, as well as improve aircraft utilization, and enhance safety. ACSIS integrates with any MRO / M&E Software solution to deliver better insights into aircraft health and potential future problems which can then be dealt with during scheduled maintenance.