A dedicated application to maintenance operators

Maintenance operators must be capable of preparing defects treatments as soon as the aircraft lands or even before. 


  • Add, consult & manage defect(s) reported on a specific aircraft
  • Consult validity of conducted checks & perform checks and servicing
  • Full historical overview of the technical status of aircraft
  • Consult aircraft specific documents

2 modules:

  • AIRCRAFT: it allows the mechanic to search for and select an aircraft.
  • TECHLOG: it provides access to defects, checks, servicing and documents related to the aircraft.

TECHLOG: To serve all of the stakeholders:

  • For mechanics: AvioTech application
  • For pilots: a module in AvioBook
  • Cabin crew: a module in AvioCabin
  • For MCC: integrated in AvioBase