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Gozen Digital Aviation

Flight Operations

Gözen Digital Aviation (GDA) focuses on creating advanced digital solutions for the aviation industry while setting new standards of digital strategies for leading companies in the market. GDA is thrilled to generate high-functionality niches through the expertise gathered from multiple verticals of aviation. The Company’s vision is to accelerate growth in digital aviation activities, drive enhanced operating efficiencies and provide end-to-end service along with Gozen’s existing activities in the aviation ecosystem.

Operator is a web-based flight scheduling system that consolidates all operational support systems into one seamless solution to meet the unique requirements of ad-hoc operations such as business, charter, and corporate aviation. The product line will become a valuable addition to GDA’s portfolio to provide end-to-end digital solutions in aviation operations while continuing its operational excellence. GDA has plans to further develop Operator based on tailor-made solutions and experience as a service approach. With an outstanding focus on customer success, an aviation-oriented and dedicated team has been assigned to provide support on a 24/7 basis.

Simorg is the most comprehensive management software for flight training operations. It offers an integrated and technologically advanced solution that brings intelligence to your daily operations. With its user-friendly interface and intelligent features, Simorg enhances the efficiency and flexibility of your facility. It provides cutting-edge digital solutions for critical tasks such as scheduling, maintenance, compliance, reporting, and training.

Nabla Mobility

Untangle API

Untangle API enhances situational awareness for pilots by providing advanced turbulence prediction and avoidance capabilities. This API allows for the integration into existing software, offering detailed contextualized turbulence data for individual flights, including specific times, altitudes, and EDR levels tailored to an aircraft’s model weight. Aimed at increasing software trust, improving safety, and supporting decarbonization efforts. We continuously iterate and improve our technology, ensuring that you always have access to the most up-to-date and reliable turbulence data.

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Weave is an application for pilot, dispatcher and operations teams to access Untangle features, without the need to build integrations. It does not replace the planning or EFB tools that you know and rely upon, but makes them better. Adding advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to your workflow can reduce workload and produce better results, for both fuel and time optimizations, all while ensuring safety. Weave glues together a number of different aviation tools to add a new layer of intelligence. Our commitment to continuous improvement means that Weave is constantly evolving, incorporating user feedback and the latest technological advancements to deliver a truly exceptional experience.

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Partnership program

NABLA’s partnership program invites developers (of EFBs, briefing, planning and weather software products) short haul airlines (from any region), to explore new, verified methods of achieving higher levels of efficiency.

As a developer, take advantage of next generation data driven optimization techniques to unlock greater potential and make better products for your customers. As an airline, increase safety and on time performance while simultaneously lowering your fuel costs and boosting your decarbonization efforts.

We apply novel ML/AI technologies to aviation proven results so that you can take advantage of untapped efficiencies. Increase your opportunities by solving complexities with an ML/AI partner.

Partner with NABLA Mobility. Our innovation fuels your innovation.

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White Paper 01: Turbulence avoidance and altitude optimization

White Paper 02: Elevating aircraft performance with precision models

Aircraft Performance Studies

For airlines and operators that do not need a full service as provided through our EFB Omni™ solution, but still require ad hoc support on Aircraft Performance services, Simpfly can still assist with our Specialists On Demand.

We provide any sort of specialized studies, including, but not limited to:

Escape Routes: depressurization and driftdown/engine-out procedures over high terrain designed for your specific fleet and kept updated following AIRAC cycle. Check out here all different formats we can provide and customize according to your needs.

Route Studies: check feasibility of new routes, with check of operations limitations and costs.

Aircraft Feasibility Study: for operations and commercial evaluation of acquiring a new aircraft model for your fleet.

Airport Risk Assessment: full safety risk assessment for new destinations and new obstructions within aerodromes areas.

Want to check if we can support you with a specific demand? Schedule a call with us.


Smart PERFORMANCE system is a state-of-the-art web based single and multipoint take-off and landing computation management application for pilots, dispatchers and performance engineers. System is multipurpose in the sense, that it was designed to meet the needs of performance department of all-sizes-airlines. Smart PERFORMANCE allows a great deal of flexibility and customization, especially when it comes to aircraft database – the GUI is in essence a framework, allowing to define virtually any aircraft configuration item, validation rule or input parameter, and use it later during the calculation.

Key Features:

  • Takeoff and landing computations based on manufacturers’ SCAP modules (multi- and single point computations)
  • Interfaces with OEM
  • Highly effective and available computational tools
  • Thrust optimization capabilities for extended engine-life
  • Integration with real-time Weather and MEL information
  • Landing WAT and required distance calculation
  • Thrust optimization capabilities for extended engine-life
  • Advanced Aircraft and Airport database management features
  • Support for all major aircraft types
  • Transaction archive with query and export functions
  • Highly effective and efficient computational tools tailored to user-specific needs
  • Access to the system through cockpit ACARS requests, using the same computation engine and providing the same performance level as the ground-based system
  • Integrated with S4A Smart LOAD for improved calculations using the actual take-off weight and CG position
  • Integration with S4A Smart COMM and all other Smart4Aviation products

N-Ops Control Center

N-Ops Control Center

When it comes to efficiently manage your flights, N-Flight Planning, N-Tracking, N-RAIM & N-Performance provide you with an exhaustive suite of solutions.
N-Flight Planning

N-Ops Control Center Crew solutions address all aspects of crew management: from pairing optimization, to preferential bidding systems along with day to day operations management, NAVBLUE can provide the entire suite of crew systems.
N-Crew Planning

RTTO Performance software

RTTO is a real time and powerful performance computation tool. Its design is studied to fit on any kind of hardware and the ergonomic has been studied to minimize the possibility of human error.

RTTO can be fully administrated by the airline, meaning that all settings and updates can be managed across the administrator dashboard.

RTTO and our airport database has been approved by several aviation authorities including Luxemburg, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, South Africa, Ukraine, Russia…

A weight and balance section is included in the software, allowing your company to remain independent from expensive handling contracts.

Airport Database

ACFT PERFO offers a worldwide airport database compliant with all EU OPS and FAA regulations.
The database, under permanent notam watch-out is made available 24/7 via oursecured and user friendly website.

We have developed state of the art tools to optimize the engine out routes. They guarantee the highest safety standards and allow optimum payloads. This induces savings by reducing engine power settings and stress.

The database is compliant with all existing formats and our engineers are able to respond to any specific demand in airport study.


AVTECH is a Swedish innovations company and one of the leaders in the global development of Performance-based Operations (PBO). AVTECH’s services increases FMS optimization and utilization and the company has a unique cooperation with Met Office (UK), one of the only two authorized World Area Forecast Centres for aviation weather. Met Office has developed a weather forecast model, High-Resolution Weather (HRW) which leaves the standard ICAO weather data far behind in terms of accuracy. This means that AVTECH has exclusive access to the world’s most accurate weather model on the market.

reduces fuel consumption by supplying the on-board flight computer with up-to-date meteorological information. This service derives wind and temperature information from Met Office, process this information to fit any individual flight and then transmits the information to the correct aircraft. The weather data, the most accurate available in the world, and AVTECH’s patented algorithms allows for exceptional results when it comes to wind up-linking. We are proud to say that we have the best wind uplink service in the world, resulting in fuel being saved, a remarkable time accuracy for the aircraft and with one of the simplest installations on the market.

is designed for airlines that have ACARS but that is not fully automated. The pilot receives the same high-quality information as from Aventus NowCast but enters the weather data manually. Our customer indicates a very good result and as the pilots experience a better airplane performance, the willingness to utilize the service has been extremely high.

is just at the beginning of an almost unlimited potential. Having access to MET Office complete weather data, we combine wind, temperature and turbulence in one complete system. It is a high-quality tool that very adequately presents weather hazards (such as Icing, Turbulence, Volcanic ash, etc) to your aircraft, is a real-time weather alerting system which communicates through ACARS and assures your company’s aircraft are notified to new meteorological hazards related to the actual route in the FMS. SIGMA focuses on applying only the parts of hazardous weather which affect your flight and alerts are related to points in your flight plan (instead of LAT/LONG).

Safer flight, reduced fuel burn and lower emissions.
Combining AVTECH’s premium services Aventus NowCast and SIGMA results in a unique decision support tool for professional pilots. Using the tailored weather information and flight path optimization leads to a safer flight both for passengers and crew and reduces the fuel burn and emissions. 

 All flight related weather information presented and visualized in a single place. Powered by the Met Office 10K Resolution Global Weather model proFlight can improve the safety and comfort of passengers and crew. The forecast is tailored to the flight ́s trajectory and time. Turbulence can be avoided or reduced. If turbulence is encountered, the crew will have the best information possible for the climb/descent decision. If you would like to know more about the proFLIGHT™ application, sign up for a free trial.

AVTECHs latest product is the In-flight Cruise Profile Optimizer who was released fall 2019.
The Optimizer provides pilots with vertical flight path optimization in-flight, resulting in significant fuel and time savings per flight. The unique API providing 10K data from the Met Office in combination with AVTECH’s advanced algorithms and computing power results in a 4-dimensional trajectory (latitude, longitude, altitude and time) divided into cubes of only 10 km horizontally, which reduces up to 50% of the normal wind forecast error.

The solution utilizes existing aircraft hardware and data communications (ACARS, ARINC, FMS, etc.), requiring no new hardware, software or aircraft modifications investment and delivers the key profile data to the pilots in the flight deck via an EFB device or simply via the cockpit printer or display. For more information about the optimizer please view our webinar here at AircraftIT: https://www.aircraftit.com/webinars/flight-cruise-profile-optimizer-demo-and-overview-webinar/?area=ops

To read more about our products and to download product sheets please visit our website.

To learn more about 10K weather watch this video!


Flight Data Analytics Platform and Trajectory Optimization Tools

Honeywell’s GoDirect™ Flight Efficiency offering combines our flight data analytics platform with our growing suite of trajectory optimization tools to unlock savings using data-driven decision-making.

GoDirect Flight Efficiency brings together all flight variables in one place, including flight plans, weather, navigation charts, aircraft performance and more to give customers a comprehensive look at fleet and environment data, to lock in flight schedules, to increase efficiencies and to reduce costs.

Key Benefits

  • Integrates flight data into a one-stop shop, combined with powerful advisory and routing tools.
  • Provides clear analysis and real-time insights.
  • Improves data quality across the organization. Better quality means better decisions.
  • Unlocks savings beyond standard efficiency initiatives.

Helping Airlines Make Real-Time Decisions on Operations

Here are some of the ways GoDirect Flight Efficiency helps operators and pilots streamline for increased efficiency and savings:

  • Efficient flight paths: Pilots can view historical flight trajectories from an airline to request shortcuts in real time, even when up in the air. Airlines can also hone in on opportunities for savings by evaluating the use of procedures like acceleration altitude reduction and continuous descent operations at airports where they are applicable since climb and descent phases typically use high amounts of fuel.
  • Historical information on airports: The service allows pilots to visualize approaches into and out of an airport and typical holding patterns, which is especially useful when flying into unfamiliar locations. It also allows the pilot to make decisions on standard fuel-saving initiatives, such as using a single engine to taxi out to the runway.
  • Adjusting for changing variables: Airlines create flight plans based on information around winds and temperatures that can change from the time the plan is made to the time it is executed. GoDirect Flight Efficiency’s vertical optimization tool allows pilots and operators to adjust the altitude of the flight plan based on current information, which is also crucial in fuel savings.

Proven Value to Customers

Honeywell’s flight data analytics platform is used by more than 30 customers across the globe managing more than 2,300 aircrafts every day. Customers already have used the analytics tool and vertical optimization app to save thousands of tons of fuel.

The GoDirect service is currently available for purchase and is on a subscription basis that can scale to the size of any airline’s needs and budget.

Scalable and Flexible Solution

GoDirect Flight Efficiency can be scaled to meet any customer’s needs. GoDirect Flight Efficiency is extensively adaptable and has delivered value to carriers of all kinds and sizes, from the largest airline fleets in the world to small charter operators and cargo carriers.

We also offer highly rated workshops to familiarize customers and their stakeholders with the GoDirect Flight Efficiency tools, facilitating low-impact implementation and rapid results.

Flygprestanda AB

Being a family-business globally recognized as a quality service
provider since 1969, Flygprestanda is a one of a kind occurrence within
the industry. Flygprestanda has long since been established as one of
the forerunners in the field of aircraft performance services and
performance engineering.

Flygprestanda offers a wide selection of services, all based on high
quality airport and aircraft specific performance data used by airline
operators around the world. Flygprestanda specializes in take-off and
landing calculations configured in accordance with each customers
Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). The aircraft performance data is then
integrated by chosen service with Flygprestandas proprietary world wide
airport database containing over 8000 airports. This makes for
unprecedented, customer configured service quality.

Whether it be Route Performance Manuals, stand-alone Airport
Analysis, Drift Down Calculations, Aircraft Mass & Balance
calculations or the stellar Guru2 performance software tablet EFB
application, the primary objective for Flygprestanda is to provide
customers with first class service quality, impeccable flight
performance data and up-to-date airport analysis for all airports and