Flygprestanda AB

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Airport Analysis | Driftdown | Weight & Balance | Airport Briefing

Being a family-business globally recognized as a quality service
provider since 1969, Flygprestanda is a one of a kind occurrence within
the industry. Flygprestanda has long since been established as one of
the forerunners in the field of aircraft performance services and
performance engineering.

Flygprestanda offers a wide selection of services, all based on high
quality airport and aircraft specific performance data used by airline
operators around the world. Flygprestanda specializes in take-off and
landing calculations configured in accordance with each customers
Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM). The aircraft performance data is then
integrated by chosen service with Flygprestandas proprietary world wide
airport database containing over 8000 airports. This makes for
unprecedented, customer configured service quality.

Whether it be Route Performance Manuals, stand-alone Airport
Analysis, Drift Down Calculations, Aircraft Mass & Balance
calculations or the stellar Guru2 performance software tablet EFB
application, the primary objective for Flygprestanda is to provide
customers with first class service quality, impeccable flight
performance data and up-to-date airport analysis for all airports and