Smart PERFORMANCE system is a state-of-the-art web based single and multipoint take-off and landing computation management application for pilots, dispatchers and performance engineers. System is multipurpose in the sense, that it was designed to meet the needs of performance department of all-sizes-airlines. Smart PERFORMANCE allows a great deal of flexibility and customization, especially when it comes to aircraft database – the GUI is in essence a framework, allowing to define virtually any aircraft configuration item, validation rule or input parameter, and use it later during the calculation.

Key Features:

  • Takeoff and landing computations based on manufacturers’ SCAP modules (multi- and single point computations)
  • Interfaces with OEM
  • Highly effective and available computational tools
  • Thrust optimization capabilities for extended engine-life
  • Integration with real-time Weather and MEL information
  • Landing WAT and required distance calculation
  • Thrust optimization capabilities for extended engine-life
  • Advanced Aircraft and Airport database management features
  • Support for all major aircraft types
  • Transaction archive with query and export functions
  • Highly effective and efficient computational tools tailored to user-specific needs
  • Access to the system through cockpit ACARS requests, using the same computation engine and providing the same performance level as the ground-based system
  • Integrated with S4A Smart LOAD for improved calculations using the actual take-off weight and CG position
  • Integration with S4A Smart COMM and all other Smart4Aviation products