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ViaSat Wireless IFE

ViaSat W-IFE

An unrivalled platform with the power to drive engagement and ancillary revenues before, during and after flight.

ViaSat W-IFE is far more than class-leading In-Flight Entertainment system that streams content to passenger or airline-owned devices. It is a platform that allows the airline to truly control and measure the passenger experience in real time, to personalise the offering, and to maximize engagement and ancillary revenues.

Our W-IFE can host a wide range of premium services such as movies and TV shows, ecommerce, games, music, food and beverage, surveys, internet access and any other service the customer requires. It allows passengers to purchase goods and services before, during and after the flight and the airline to offer more purchasing opportunities.

Learn more about ViaSat Wireless IFE here.

Download our Tigerair Australia case study

AirsideWatch (Airport Operations)


About AirsideWatch

Airside Watch is a non-intrusive solution to estimate the braking action thanks to flight data and radar data in order to provide Air Traffic Controller, Pilots and Airport Operators with objective, accurate and up-to-date information on the braking condition of the runway. It is also a dashboard that provides statistics on the different safety and operational issues at the airport.

It is a patented technology based on A-SMCGS data. There is no additional equipment to install, we use the radar feed to analyze all landings and movements. The results are displayed through dedicated interfaces and provide several outputs:

  • First, in a real time, it provides timely warnings that can be passed to pilots and used as decision aid to determine runway treatment.
  • An exclusive and accurate feedback system, with general and individual statistics (based on location, air carrier, aircraft type) that points out weaknesses and key factors that affect safety and operational efficiency.


Formed in 2010 with office locations in the United States of America, Denmark, Canada and India, GigSky for Enterprise offers end-to-end mobility services to meet your airline connectivity needs.  With global coverage across 190+ countries, GigSky provides superior international network coverage through Tier 1 operators at competitive roaming rates. The GigSky Enterprise Portal provides reports and analysis that help intelligently track mobile data across your organization. GigSky Enterprise Portal Admin Users can create custom notifications, manage data policies, and see usage in real-time. 

Gigsky’s GSM Roaming Data provides the following: 

  • Consumer Data Roaming Solutions
  • Enterprise Data Roaming Solutions
  • OEM Data Roaming Solutions

A Network Built for Critical EFB Connectivity

  • 190 – Country Coverage
  • Tier 1 Mobile Network Operators
  • Tools to Monitor and Analyze EFB Data Use
  • Fully Redundant, Global Network
  • Affordable Zone Pricing


SITA FOR AIRCRAFT – Pioneering seamless e-Aircraft solutions across your entire fleet

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT sets the benchmark for true e-aircraft nose-to-tail solutions, providing the complete range of products and services an airline needs to realize the full potential of the connected aircraft. Our portfolio includes services for airline commercial management, passenger connectivity, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications and more

Airline strategies

We unlock airline challenges and enable them to streamline cabin and cockpit operations, optimize maintenance and flight operation procedures, improve airline and passenger safety, as well as personalize the passenger experience and grow ancillary revenues.

By providing up-to-date information and enabling real-time communication between staff, operational efficiency can be improved substantially. Eliminating paper-based documentation and shifting to digital solutions provides immediate reductions in delays, improved fuel efficiency and better customer service, creating a profitable airline. Moreover, real-time updates to dynamic operational information will improve decision-making and reduce disruptions.

User solutions

By combining your expertise about people and processes with our connectivity innovation and experience, we deliver co-created, user-centered solutions for passengers, cockpit and cabin crew, flight operations, air traffic control and aircraft health

Front-line product innovation

Our integration expertise means we’re able to bring trusted innovation to the market through our portfolio of e-Aircraft™ solutions for both sides of the cockpit door. 

 Find out now how SITA FOR AIRCRAFT can digitize your airline, visit www.sitaonair.aero

SITA FOR AIRCRAFT was launched on 1 January 2015 as part of the SITA Group. We have 400 airline customers operating over 14,000 aircraft, and 80% of the of the world’s airlines use SITA FOR AIRCRAFT AIRCOM® to connect every resource, from pilots to ATC. It is headquartered in Geneva, and has offices in London, Montreal, Atlanta and Singapore, with more than 280 staff worldwide.

Scandinavian Avionics A/S

Scandinavian Avionics A/S (SA) was established in 1978 with the objective to serve the civil aircraft industry within sales, installation and maintenance of avionics. Since then, Scandinavian Avionics A/S has expanded into a larger organization – The SA Group.

Today, over 30 years after the foundation, The SA Group is a highly experienced avionics organization characterized by high quality products, services, worldwide support and a responsive, open-minded and professional attitude in all aspects of the business.

From the corporate headquarters in Billund, Denmark and divisions in Sweden, Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Bahrain and India, The SA Group provides avionics installation, certification, maintenance, support and training with the main business platforms being larger helicopters, business jets, regional airlines and defense electronics.  In addition, SA is an appointed distributor and service centre for most of the civil avionics manufacturers and has commercial agreements with many key military producers – several on an exclusive basis.

All products and services are based on relevant approvals such as EASA/FAA Part-145 Maintenance, Part-145 POA, Part-147 Training and specific local civil and military agreements. Furthermore, SA holds the Part-21 DOA and has obtained more than 400 certifications via this EASA privilege.

Worldwide service and support
The customer base is geographically spread over all of Europe, Africa, CIS, the Middle and Far East, and all customers are able to enjoy SA’s worldwide technical services on-site at the customer’s location, available around the clock.

The worldwide service is carried out from 8 service centers in Europe, the Middle and Far East. The SA service centers are manned by a well-trained staff and recognized by most manufacturers and all services are based on their recommended procedures, test equipment, tools and documentation.

The technical services at the service centers are performed in close co-operation with the main centre in Billund through online connections, taking advantage of joint experience and local knowledge, providing immediate and qualified on-site system troubleshooting, repair and installation work as well as upgrade of certifications according to local or EASA requirements.