AirsideWatch (Airport Operations)


About AirsideWatch

Airside Watch is a non-intrusive solution to estimate the braking action thanks to flight data and radar data in order to provide Air Traffic Controller, Pilots and Airport Operators with objective, accurate and up-to-date information on the braking condition of the runway. It is also a dashboard that provides statistics on the different safety and operational issues at the airport.

It is a patented technology based on A-SMCGS data. There is no additional equipment to install, we use the radar feed to analyze all landings and movements. The results are displayed through dedicated interfaces and provide several outputs:

  • First, in a real time, it provides timely warnings that can be passed to pilots and used as decision aid to determine runway treatment.
  • An exclusive and accurate feedback system, with general and individual statistics (based on location, air carrier, aircraft type) that points out weaknesses and key factors that affect safety and operational efficiency.