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MRX Systems

Blue Eye Suite Maintenance solutions by MRX Systems

The MRX Systems software solution is a fully-integrated digital platform enabling aviation professionals to access real-time data and take control over their fleet and their operations.

Thanks to more than 10 years of customer feedback and perpetual development, MRX Systems brings a complete, secure and scalable solution to challenges faced by operators, CAMOs and MROs. The system is divided into three modules, each of them designed to meet the specific operational needs of their users.

Multi-User, 100% paperless, always up-to-date, and Cloud based, all data is accessible at any time worldwide enhancing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Drastically Time-Saving
EASA / FAA compliant, we helped customers in over 20 countries and operating hundreds of aircraft to improve their operational communication and minimize the risk of human errors.

Definitely Connected
Bridged with Airbus Helicopters, CAMP, SkyLegs and many other, each database can be linked to various third parties using API. Connected files options are also available for internal needs.

Secured & Trusted
End-to-end encryption using SSL protocol.
Geographically distant daily back-ups via Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Data restoration features.
Awarded with AIRBUS Helicopters Data Stream Premium Certificate.

Blue EYE iPad App
Built-in & Custom Reports

You have specific needs and your clients specific expectations, Blue EYE offers the possibility to create report templates with infinite customization options. Import your logo, choose your layout and select which fields and ranges are to be included or not, we also propose assistance to design complex reports. If you don’t need any of these, you can still explore our report library, packed with built-in reports.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Through its cloud-based architecture and dedicated database, all data saved is automatically pushed to secure servers with daily back-ups, loss of data is now history.
Blue EYE iPad App also offers all its features offline, data is then locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.
Powering the paperless experience, Blue EYE is connected and data-fed by Blue EYE iPad App. This enables you to receive live information from your crew and technical staff through an intuitive and user-friendly application featuring eTechLogs, and eFlightLogs.

eJobCard iPad App
With the eJobCard iPad App, communication between CAMO and MRO has never been so simple. Instantly share job description and retrieve data from your technicians. From the iPad app, technicians can:

• View all assigned jobs.
• Open and read jobcards.
• Report findings, illustrated with pictures.
• Update parts, tools and resources used in seconds with QR codes.
• Sign off tasks and CRS directly on the device.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Blue MRO iPad App also offers all its features offline, all data is locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.


The Planning module brings together the Engineering, Technical Records, Operations Schedule and Inventory information into one place, which then feeds more information into the Production module. This allows for the complete survey of  information relating to aircraft and component work.

Aircraft, parts checks, inspections, modifications and maintenance can be forecast, and work specifications can be produced on-line in real time.

Deferred Defects on the aircraft can be monitored within this module, along with all other aircraft related time controlled items.

Options in Planning include the A/C Planning Query, which is the mainstay of the Planning module; this allows for the survey of Planning information on-screen in different formats according to the user’s requirement. Additional reporting is available to show costs and to overlay the material requirements for planned items against current and proposed inventory. Full integration gives major benefits in this area, providing a mix and match of information from all  relevant modules to give an effective scheduling and project management tool. The graphical planning query provides a very high capability by overlaying aircraft flight schedules with the maintenance work packages, taking into account the available manpower, hangar capacity and spares/tools availability.

The A/C Flight schedule can be entered into the system, which will ensure maximum accuracy when forecasting and determining when controlled items become due. Schedules can be downloaded from other flight planning systems; Otherwise, average utilization is employed for the calculation of due dates.

Man-hour Schedules can be entered as well, such as shift patterns and weekly working patterns. This will provide information for capacity planning and allows employees to be ‘reserved’ against work to be performed. Site Capacity Planning can be carried out.

Example Screen – Planning View in Production Control




The Planning Module is a sophisticated planning tool to efficiently manage the preparation of scheduled and unscheduled, short- and long-term maintenance events. The module provides the features required to maximise aircraft utilisation while incorporating all external and internal engineering requirements at the same time.

The pivotal role in the Maintenance Planning area plays the elaborate functionality to forecast expected maintenance events in a tool in which information required for the accurate and efficient creation and handling of workpackages is available – the “hub” of the system where all strings come together.

Seabury Solutions

Alkym® is the integrated modular MRO software offered by Seabury Solutions. Each customer can select from the list of 18 modules available to cater for their own specific organisation.

The current module listing within Alkym® includes, among others, the following:

Alkym® is not only the most affordable MRO software solution currently available but also the best option in terms of cost-effectiveness.

Implementation Service 
Seabury Solutions applies a unique implementation methodology based on the best industry and project management practices. Software implementations are carried out by highly-qualified professional teams which consist of a Project Managers, Project Engineers and IT specialists. Each member has a deep understanding of aviation / aeronautical maintenance practices which guides the customers through to a successful implementation project.

Over the course of more than a decade we have successfully implemented over 60 clients in 30 different countries across the globe.
The key difference in our projects is that the average time on site is between 6 and 12 weeks.

Customer Support Service

Seabury Solutions 24 hour Customer Support Service goes beyond traditional support, maximising the value of the customer’s investment and providing a strategic service relationship focused on a long-term success.

Customised solutions, proactive support, software updates, system performance analysis, personalised assistance, among other activities help customers better leverage their existing resources and deliver more value to their business.

IFS Aerospace and Defense

IFS is a globally recognized provider of both enterprise-wide solutions and best-of-breed point software products designed specifically for the global aerospace & defense (A&D) markets, including airlines and fleet  operators, A&D manufacturers, defense in-service support and independent Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) providers.

IFS’s solutions support project and program-centric manufacturing for the A&D industry; a complete spectrum of mission-critical maintenance management capabilities for sea, land and air assets, from heavy, complex, and component MRO, to line maintenance or at-platform/asset support; as well as solutions to support all types of procurement models from traditional to various performance-based logistics (PBL) relationships.

IFS’s innovative enterprise solutions are designed for the regulated A&D industry and markets where manufacturing, MRO, project and service functionality are business- and operationally-critical whilst also supporting global, core enterprise capabilities for managing finance, inventory and human resources. With flexible, modular and enterprise breadth, IFS solutions empower A&D organizations with the ability to quickly adapt and manage change whilst also delivering bottom-line value, increasing efficiencies and cost savings, and safeguarding compliance.

IFS customers include BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, SAAB, GE Aviation, Pratt & Whitney, HAL, Emirates, LATAM, Qantas, China Airlines, Air France-KLM, and Southwest Airlines.

Omega Airline Software, Inc.


  •  Creates a Forecasted Future in compliance with business rules and constraints
  •  Aligns Fleet Maintenance activities to the Operations & Flight Schedule parameters and constraints
  •  Generates an optimized solution. 

Optimization can be based upon criteria such as:

  •  Aircraft availability
  •  Revenue
  •  Yield (maintenance cost)
  •  Available Resources
  •  MRO utilization. 

Ames provides unlimited “what-if” options.

Ames maximizes:

  •  Aircraft Availability
  •  Use of Maintenance Resources
  •  Profitability of Maintenance Services.

Ames increases:

  •  Visibility and Communication of Vital Information
  •  Responsiveness to Operational needs
  •  The quality, accuracy, detail and stability of information.

Ames reduces:

  •  Operating Cost
  •  System and Process Response Times
  •  The impact of last minute changes

Ames identifies:

  •  Future periods of Excess Demand or Capacity
  •  Peaks and valleys in the schedule

Ames provides:

  •  Alternative schedules for all possible situations without turning the maintenance operations upside-down;
  •  Produces schedules that are less likely to change and buffer production from the dynamics of the environment
  •  Base-line information to support systems:  Production, Flight Ops and Technical Support
  •  Ability to assess the cost/benefit of each option
  •  Adapt to changing business rules
  •  Supports Risk, Sensitivity and Results Analysis
  •  Monitors Progress to Plan
  •  The least aircraft out of service for any situation.


Founded in Seattle in 2015, Aerostrat was started with the goal of building modern, customer-friendly software solutions for the aerospace industry. Our team of aviation experts and proven software engineers have worked tirelessly to build Aerros, our maintenance planning solution that is already impacting our customers by enabling them to manage their entire heavy maintenance program in one place. Aerostrat prides itself on its customer-obsessed approach of building features side by side with our customers and we always look forward to hearing how we can improve our product.

Aerros offers a multitude of industry leading benefits and enables Airlines and MROs to do the following:

  • Automatically plan hundreds of requirements per fleet over the life of the aircraft
  • Effortlessly manage events with drag and drop, quick merge, smart delete, and more
  • Easily reflow plans based on changes to a fleet, vendors, and requirements
  • Test infinite data scenarios and swap between them instantly
  • Track event changes over time and compare planned vs actual maintenance performance
  • Collaborate easily with other planners and vendors with confidential scenarios, restricted user access, and sharing features
  • Create bottom up budgets and rolling budgets
  • Gain better insight into their business through customizable business intelligence solutions
  • And much, much more

In addition, we also provide:

  • 24/7 multi-platform support
  • 99% Service Level Agreements and less than 24 hour support resolutions
  • Industry leading security standards
  • Integrations to compliance software for quick access to sign-offs, fleet data and more

More information about Aerostrat and Aerros can be found by visiting our website aerostratsoftware.com, emailing us at info@aerostratsoftware.com, or giving us a call at 888-558-2860 X1.