The Planning module brings together the Engineering, Technical Records, Operations Schedule and Inventory information into one place, which then feeds more information into the Production module. This allows for the complete survey of  information relating to aircraft and component work.

Aircraft, parts checks, inspections, modifications and maintenance can be forecast, and work specifications can be produced on-line in real time.

Deferred Defects on the aircraft can be monitored within this module, along with all other aircraft related time controlled items.

Options in Planning include the A/C Planning Query, which is the mainstay of the Planning module; this allows for the survey of Planning information on-screen in different formats according to the user’s requirement. Additional reporting is available to show costs and to overlay the material requirements for planned items against current and proposed inventory. Full integration gives major benefits in this area, providing a mix and match of information from all  relevant modules to give an effective scheduling and project management tool. The graphical planning query provides a very high capability by overlaying aircraft flight schedules with the maintenance work packages, taking into account the available manpower, hangar capacity and spares/tools availability.

The A/C Flight schedule can be entered into the system, which will ensure maximum accuracy when forecasting and determining when controlled items become due. Schedules can be downloaded from other flight planning systems; Otherwise, average utilization is employed for the calculation of due dates.

Man-hour Schedules can be entered as well, such as shift patterns and weekly working patterns. This will provide information for capacity planning and allows employees to be ‘reserved’ against work to be performed. Site Capacity Planning can be carried out.

Example Screen – Planning View in Production Control