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The first-line EFB setup and full management solution for startup airlines and small operators.

Simpfly takes care of all back-office tasks needed for a safe and compliant EFB-driven operation. All that in a total hassle free setup and, the best of all, without hurting your pocket.

You fly. We take care of the rest.

Simpfly was born from the eagerness to help startup airlines and small operators to implement and manage EFB in a simple and cost-efficient way.

Our vision is to apply a strong know-how in the aviation industry to streamline Flight Operations processes, so even airlines starting their operations can enjoy the best solutions and practices combined together, and without hurting their pockets.

Our extensive previous experience working for manufacturers, airlines and service providers, and a constant follow-up with industry trends, gives us the ability to provide you not only the best solutions available, but in a total hassle free setup.

Simply. Fly.

We take care of the rest.

Ready to get on-board? Contact us for a dedicated presentation or check our website for more details on our specialized services.

EFB Omni™ Solution
Our all-in-one innovative solution: we implement EFBs in your fleet and manage them on your behalf thereupon, including all IT and Flight Operations Engineering activities for Aircraft Performance, Weight & Balance and Flight Operations documentation.
Authoring for AOC Application
With startup operators in mind, Simpfly provides complementary authoring support to its EFB Omni™ solution by preparing your Operations documentation from scratch for a successful AOC application.
Airport Briefing
Covering more than 300 destinations, our airport briefs set a new standard in the industry with dynamic and statistics content that can be accessed directly from the EFB or personal devices.
Fuel Efficiency Program
Get your Fuel Efficiency program up and running within no time with our simple, integrated, and success-based solution designed for the small operator.
Aircraft Performance Studies
A comprehensive range of highly specialized Aircraft Performance studies and projects, including Escape Routes and Feasibility Studies for new aircraft, airport risk assessment and route studies.