Aircraft Performance Studies

For airlines and operators that do not need a full service as provided through our EFB Omni™ solution, but still require ad hoc support on Aircraft Performance services, Simpfly can still assist with our Specialists On Demand.

We provide any sort of specialized studies, including, but not limited to:

Escape Routes: depressurization and driftdown/engine-out procedures over high terrain designed for your specific fleet and kept updated following AIRAC cycle. Check out here all different formats we can provide and customize according to your needs.

Route Studies: check feasibility of new routes, with check of operations limitations and costs.

Aircraft Feasibility Study: for operations and commercial evaluation of acquiring a new aircraft model for your fleet.

Airport Risk Assessment: full safety risk assessment for new destinations and new obstructions within aerodromes areas.

Want to check if we can support you with a specific demand? Schedule a call with us.