Airport Briefing

An Airport Brief contains instructions and information relating to operations at a specific airport and is meant to support pilots during flight preparation, being an important tool for Safety. 

Nevertheless, most operators do not give the necessary attention to it: some keep their briefs as part of their Operations Manual Part C, with slow implementation of changes over time, while those that keep them as a separate document may still suffer with outdated information linked to the little feedback received from pilots and lack of relevant information.

Simpfly Airport Briefing solution comes to change that: integrated with Wader, our partner reporting system, we are able to offer operators with a new concept totally focused on Threat and Error Management (TEM) to improve Situation Awareness of all those involved in flight operations.

Our EFB application allows pilots to access their briefing interactively, make personal and operational notes, and report Safety threads that are shared with the whole community through visual statistics.

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