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The Weather Company

At The Weather Company, we specialize in providing advanced weather solutions to the aviation industry, addressing the critical challenges faced by dispatch, pilots, and operations. These teams operate under high pressure, monitoring multiple systems for essential information to maintain safety and efficiency. With nearly 75% of air traffic delays attributed to inclement weather, costing the airline industry billions annually, there’s a pressing need for accurate, comprehensive, and actionable weather data.

The Weather Company’s aviation solutions portfolio is designed to enhance operational decisions, ensuring flights are safe, efficient, and profitable. By leveraging precise, personalized weather insights, airlines can reduce operational costs, minimize weather-related disruptions, and improve the passenger experience. These solutions include applications, expert forecast services, and access to a wealth of weather data.

With nearly three decades of aviation forecasting expertise, The Weather Company equips its customers to manage disruptive weather efficiently, ensuring safety, compliance, and exceptional passenger experiences. We help you navigate the complexities of weather impacts, enabling informed decision-making for better operational outcomes.

EFB Admin Services

About us

  • We deliver EFB Administrator services under the ORO.GEN.205, or other EFB support functions.
  • We are Cyber Security CIE and CPSE certified, for both IT and OT environments.
  • We have decades of experience in the airline industry and have had the EFB Administrator role in multiple airlines, AOCs, and models under both EASA, FAA and ANAC regulations (B737, B737-8, B777, B787, A220, A320, DHC-8, and more).
  • Highly experienced in both portable and installed EFB.
  • We can assist with EFB training of your EFB Manager/Administrator and other flight ops staff.
  • We ensure all clients are handled with the utmost discretion and safely covered by our (or the clients) NDA.
  • We are present in Scandinavia, the UK, Spain, and Türkiye, but deliver services worldwide!

Our Services

– EFB Administrator role under the ORO.GEN.205
– EFB Technician roles or similar.
– EFB Policy and Procedure manual
– EFB Risk Analysis.
– EFB Evaluation Of EFB System, Operational Report
– EFB Hardware and mounting solutions (Pivot)
– EFB Manager/Administrator training
– EFB training for your personnel
– EFB Software Solutions through one of our partners
– MDM setup, installation & maintenance
– E-enablement
– Multiple AOC support (both FAA, ANAC and EASA)
– Application process with local CAA authorities for an EFB permit.
– Evaluation of existing EFB solutions (connectivity, charging, mounts, etc.).
– Hardware and Software documentation, decompression & EMI reports, battery documentation, etc.
– EFB instructions for pilots, maintenance, IT and others.

– Cyber security
– Vulnerability tests.
– Compliance assessments (EASA, ANAC and FAA).
– EFB, and QAR Connectivity (onboard/airport Wi-Fi, Cellular/5G, satellite).
– Simulator setup for EFB, and more
– Windows, iOS, Android and Linux support.
– Consultancy Services


Flightman’s early market engagements were typically in consulting and systems integration projects with global carriers in “Lean Flight” consulting workshops and projects. This led the company to identify a significant opportunity in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) software solutions area.

In April 2001, the company launched its’ first product, the eTechlog™ – an electronic version of the current paper-based technical log held aboard an aircraft. Following an extensive review of airline feedback and a number of value proposition workshops and focus groups with flight and engineering crews worldwide, the initial product offering has developed and grown in line with airlines’ specific requirements. The result of the developments to date is Flightman™ – the software framework that offers a complete solution for the connected aircraft; covering business processes, technical documentation, and vendor management thus allowing pilots, cabin crew, and ground engineers to capture and utilize operational information more efficiently and ultimately reduce operational costs.

Flightman (under the AMT brand name) has won several awards since its foundation, such as the ICT Excellence Award for “Best Example of Mobile Internet Technology”, recognizing its technology as state-of-the-art. Flightman continues to develop its product offering and is currently working on several new product developments in response to market demands.

EFB Omni; Solution

Simpfly EFB Omni™ solution was designed with the startups and small operators in mind. We streamline your Flight Operations by implementing EFBs to your fleet and managing them on your behalf, through a continuous remote support.

Once your airline gets on-board of our innovative solution, Simpfly becomes part of your airline structure: you only need to assign a point of contact (such as DFO) and we take care of the rest.

Your daily operation will mature as an EFB-driven operation with confidence, as Simpfly takes care of all IT and Flight Operations Engineering tasks related to your EFB needed to assure your pilots have access to up-to-date data for a safe and compliant flight.

Get our white paper for detailed information on how (and how much) you will be able to save by adopting our EFB Omni™ solution.


TrustFlight for Aircraft Operators
The TrustFlight Suite powers a connected workflow for your entire operation. This includes products such as the Electronic Tech Log, MEL Manager and Centrik to enable a transition away from paper, as well as services to help boost efficiency and reduce risk.

TrustFlight for MROs
As a Maintenance and Repair Organisation, our Centrik software, CAMO services, and Digital Engine Log will help you achieve new levels of productivity, quality and insight into your operations.

TrustFlight for Leasing Companies
As an aircraft lessor, effortlessly register your assets with our blockchain-based Aircraft Registry, leverage our CAMO service for inspections & technical support, and access data insights with the Digital Engine Log.

The TrustFlight Suite of Products:

ViaSat EFB

ViaSat Electronic Flight Bag is a Portable Type A EFB, a hosted product suite that provides aircraft operators with a totally modular solution for EFBs and Document Management across web and mobile devices as well as Class 1, 2 and 3 EFBs in the flight deck.

  • Digital Library – OEM and Airline operating manual Viewer. Supports Boeing and Airbus manuals (XML).
  • Read+Sign – Flight Crew Notices and Messaging.
  • Crew Report – EFB form management. Data capture reporting and flight archiving.
  • Electronic Flight Folder – Distributing + Archiving of Flight Crew Briefing Packs.
  • Portal – Display subset of crew portal content.
  • Native – iOS and Windows.

Key Benefits

  • Best-in-class viewer, built around the pilot user experience.
  • Reduce paper in the cockpit, which decreases weight and cuts down clutter.
  • Reduce cost and workload required to update documents.
  • Keep information up-to-date, enabling easy document revision (e.g., through wireless data transfer).
  • Send flight reports quickly and effectively, allowing issues to be addressed more rapidly.

Contact ViaSat Ireland now to learn more about the benefits of going paperless, just click here.

Download our Aer Lingus EFB Case Study


S4A Smart MOBILE is a fully capable EFB application providing airline crews with the tools to manage their entire flight during all flight phases. So your pre-flight briefing, departure, enroute, arrival and de-briefing are all covered! Thanks to our modular approach, you can select and pay only for required functionality. 

S4A Smart MOBILE Components:

  • Smart BRIEF (Pilot Briefing)
  • Smart BRIEF CABIN (Cabin Crew Briefing)
  • Smart CREW INFO (Calendar & Roster)
  • Smart DOC (Operational Manuals)
  • Smart eFORMS (Electronic Forms)
  • Smart COMM (Communication and Alerting)

 Key Features:

  • Selected modules available on 3 platforms (iOS iPhone & iPad, Windows, Android)
  • Modular based approach
  • Single Sign-On feature for all integrated modules
  • Extensive, web-based configuration systems
  • Configurable synchronization process
  • Possible integration with different MDM providers

ARMS® on the TAB

ARMS® on the TAB™ …beyond EFB & ETL

“ARMS® on the TAB™” is a solution for aviation operators in their adoption of the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) and Electronic Tech Log (ETL) extending beyond EFB & ETL. The investment on this solution can enable migration to the use of the rapidly proliferating tablets for other user groups like Cabin Crew, M&E Crew and Load Masters, etc., all controlled by a unified Backend Server infrastructure.

Electronic Flight Bag Solutions

Manages information in the air and on the ground

The Boeing Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) improves operational performance by bringing the technological advances of computer information delivery and management to the airplane flight deck, and by providing integrated solutions for managing information in the air and on the ground throughout the lifecycle of the airplane.

The EFB is a software and data services solution designed for multiple hardware platforms. It offers airlines advanced information management and delivers more accurate performance calculations, creating significant time and cost savings while increasing safety and streamlining the management of flight information.

Boeing offers a complete suite of EFB options from Class 1 to Class 3. Boeing’s Class 3 EFB is the only fully certified, integrated avionics EFB package in commercial service today. Boeing leverages this experience to bring integrated Class 1 and Class 2 EFB solutions to the market with the advantage of common application software packages and ground support software.


EFB capabilities include electronic charts and documents, aircraft performance calculations, accurate taxi maps for airplane moving map functions, and much more. The suite offered by Boeing allows the flexibility to choose the EFB that is right for each airplane, while keeping data and capabilities consistent across the fleet.

  • Onboard Performance Tool – The Onboard Performance Tool allows flight crews and ground personnel to perform real-time calculations based on current weather and runway conditions, while adhering to company and regulatory policies and procedures.
  • Electronic Document Browser – The Electronic Document Browser software application gives pilots a quick and efficient tool for identifying the documents they need and pinpointing information when it is needed, all in an electronic format.
  • Electronic Flight Folder – The Electronic Flight Folder enables the transmission of electronic day-of-flight information, such as flight plans and weather, to the Electronic Flight Bag, thereby improving flight crew operational effectiveness and reducing paper handling.
  • Electronic Logbook- The Electronic Logbook replaces paper logbooks with computer-based logs that can be easily stored and shared.
  • Jeppesen Electronic Charts (e-Charts) – The Jeppesen electronic terminal charts for the EFB provide rapid access to current flight-critical navigation information, while reducing and eventually eliminating the need for paper charts.
  • Jeppesen Airport Moving Map (AMM) – The Jeppesen Airport Moving Map application helps orient the flight crew to the aircraft’s position on the ground in relation to runways, taxiways, and airport structures, without reference to paper charts.
  • Jeppesen Data Distribution and Management (DDM) – The Data Distribution and Management system ensures that required data is delivered according to mutually agreed upon specifications.

EFB Dashboard

Our EFB dashboard is one of the most complete and powerful in industry.

ACFT LINK is adapted for Class 1 and 2 EFB and includes latest high-tech communication tools.

The new lay-out is a state of the art design.