S4A Smart MOBILE is a fully capable EFB application providing airline crews with the tools to manage their entire flight during all flight phases. So your pre-flight briefing, departure, enroute, arrival and de-briefing are all covered! Thanks to our modular approach, you can select and pay only for required functionality. 

S4A Smart MOBILE Components:

  • Smart BRIEF (Pilot Briefing)
  • Smart BRIEF CABIN (Cabin Crew Briefing)
  • Smart CREW INFO (Calendar & Roster)
  • Smart DOC (Operational Manuals)
  • Smart eFORMS (Electronic Forms)
  • Smart COMM (Communication and Alerting)

 Key Features:

  • Selected modules available on 3 platforms (iOS iPhone & iPad, Windows, Android)
  • Modular based approach
  • Single Sign-On feature for all integrated modules
  • Extensive, web-based configuration systems
  • Configurable synchronization process
  • Possible integration with different MDM providers