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Used by leading aviation organizations, our safety management system allows you to promptly respond to current events and proactively analyze trends to mitigate future risks. You can make informed decisions by making use of real-time data and comprehensive insights, embedding safety management throughout your organization.

The benefits of Ideagen Coruson

The system has been developed with a real understanding of what quality managers in aviation need. You’ll get a scalable, user-friendly, and functionally rich solution to help build a proactive and risk-aware culture, comply with regulations and improve overall efficiency and productivity. Smart forms are customizable to make them organization specific. Gain better change control with the document management capabilities and easily map out your risk management details with the bowtie risk module.

Product features

With Coruson you can minimize risk and anticipate problems, turning them into actions and learnings to help you thrive with the following features:

  • Action management
  • Document control and policy management
  • Audit management
  • Change control
  • Business process modelling and automation
  • Incident management and reporting
  • Operation risk management
  • Performance monitoring
“Other SMS software comes with pre-modified templates and forms, but Ideagen Coruson lets us modify them as we need. Now, we can customize our reporting to be specific to our needs, so we have seen a significant increase in the number of safety reports we are processing.” – Ryan Arifandi, Assistant to the Director of Corporate Safety and Quality, Lion Air Group

Some customers include:

Customer success stories and resources:

How Lion Air has fostered a culture of safety thanks to Ideagen’s Coruson

HAECO Group achieve safety and quality management benefits with Coruson

EFB Admin Services

About us

  • We deliver EFB Administrator services under the ORO.GEN.205, or other EFB support functions.
  • We are Cyber Security CIE and CPSE certified, for both IT and OT environments.
  • We have decades of experience in the airline industry and have had the EFB Administrator role in multiple airlines, AOCs, and models under both EASA, FAA and ANAC regulations (B737, B737-8, B777, B787, A220, A320, DHC-8, and more).
  • Highly experienced in both portable and installed EFB.
  • We can assist with EFB training of your EFB Manager/Administrator and other flight ops staff.
  • We ensure all clients are handled with the utmost discretion and safely covered by our (or the clients) NDA.
  • We are present in Scandinavia, the UK, Spain, and Türkiye, but deliver services worldwide!

Our Services

– EFB Administrator role under the ORO.GEN.205
– EFB Technician roles or similar.
– EFB Policy and Procedure manual
– EFB Risk Analysis.
– EFB Evaluation Of EFB System, Operational Report
– EFB Hardware and mounting solutions (Pivot)
– EFB Manager/Administrator training
– EFB training for your personnel
– EFB Software Solutions through one of our partners
– MDM setup, installation & maintenance
– E-enablement
– Multiple AOC support (both FAA, ANAC and EASA)
– Application process with local CAA authorities for an EFB permit.
– Evaluation of existing EFB solutions (connectivity, charging, mounts, etc.).
– Hardware and Software documentation, decompression & EMI reports, battery documentation, etc.
– EFB instructions for pilots, maintenance, IT and others.

– Cyber security
– Vulnerability tests.
– Compliance assessments (EASA, ANAC and FAA).
– EFB, and QAR Connectivity (onboard/airport Wi-Fi, Cellular/5G, satellite).
– Simulator setup for EFB, and more
– Windows, iOS, Android and Linux support.
– Consultancy Services


User-friendly design & intuitive functionalities

Design and functionality are made with the user in focus. Intuitive and user-friendly flight progress and simple data management makes it easy to switch from paper to TAILLOG.

Easy access to flight plan data, weather information, mandatory data and automised calculations are combined with user-friendly data entries – all for eliminating extra work, miscalculations and human errors.

The strength of paper & pen for e.g. handwritten notes and ATIS notes are kept in the design. The pilot can easily make notes or record current ATIS as required in a busy cockpit.

Easy access to your scheduled flight plans & company documents

Download the required company documents and scheduled flight plans for the planned legs – directly from the flight plan provider system. 

If revised flight plans have been prepared prior to a flight, the pilot is notified and has the option to load the latest updates.

The system supports multiple provider accounts used by many pilots in their flexible daily work.

Once downloaded, Wi-Fi is not required to access documents and execute the flight progress.

Intuitive and simple control of all flight progress activities










The full flexible flight progress tool runs both in a automised or manual mode – or in a user defined mode where the key flight activities can easily be configured to be controlled automatically or manually. This can be very useful to both gain the value from GPS and still respect the company procedures.

The system makes it very easy to control flight progress. In automised mode all flight activities, except fuel entries, are registered without required interaction with the pilot.

In manual mode the immediate flight activities can easily be controlled by a one-click button – and if a more comprehensive flight progress is required, the data and waypoints can easily be activated via the segment table.

A notification system enables background running and will keep the pilot informed about key activities and if data entries are required.

Weather information, charts, NOTAM’s and ATIS notepad

Along with the downloaded flight plans the related weather information and NOTAM’s are automatically fetched.

Both before and during flight the pilot has easy access to the latest METAR/TAF information and weather charts of wind/temperature, significant weather and vertical cross sections. In addition, you can easily fetch weather information of new unplanned airports.

When listening the local ATIS, the unique and fast ATIS notepad helps the user to easily record messages by the intuitive multiple selection tool.








Inexpensive and very cost-efficient:
Immediately savings on paperwork & administration

From day-one you will immediately start saving time and cost on all the benefits obtained by the system.

The installation and implemention itself is streamlined and do not require must more than an iPad and WiFi access.

Once installed, your paper flight plan is unnecessary.

All flight progress data are directly registered and synchronised with the cloud system for later post-management and back-office work.

Cloud synchronisation means data safety, device independency and API options

All flight data and configuration settings are automatically synchronised with the web cloud system. Hence pilots are not limited to use a personal tablet device, but can freely use the company tablet pool.

The cloud system makes a data base which ensures both user flexibility, data safety and interface options.

With the cloud API both pre-flight planning systems and post-flight management system can easily be interfaced.

All to gain major time and cost savings – both on ground in backoffice and in air in the cockpit.


Airlines are spending close to $800,000 in additional costs as part of Narrow Body Redeliveries (almost 2x for Wide Bodies) due to unstructured technical records. Engine MROs have varying slot profitability (3-8%) margins and miss out on $250,000 in bottom line when carrying out overhauls. Lessors spend over $50,000 per Engine (higher for Aircraft) Records Inspection – amplified by holes in back-to-birth data.

We are enabling a new era of the Aviation Digital FinTwin®® (Financial Twin) through our Aviation Language Model driven data-to-dollar platform to help Airlines, Lessors and MROs save on these additional spends.

KeepFlying® has five major editions of the platform:

  1. Engine FinTwin® MRO Edition – Allows Engine MROs to simulate lifecycle of Engine Shop Visits prior to arrival – Stress test fixed price commitments against capacity and projected demand, visualize TAT risks, digitally induct files from Airlines and Lessors as part of Gate 0, track Engine Cost Build Up Forecasts and Risks, visualize the impact of repairs, swaps and exchanges on TAT, Capacity and Slot Profitability.
  2. Engine FinTwin® Asset Owner Edition – Allows Airlines and Lessors to ingest PDF Engine Packs or interface with CMS and MRO systems to create and update Engine statuses to calculate impact on Remaining Useful Lives of LLPs and other components, forecast Direct Maintenance Costs per FH, LLP costs per FC as a factor of projected utilization, forecast Shop Visit Costs as a factor of build goals, predict scrap rates and assess tradeoff between fuel costs and shop visit decisions, simulate reserves and rentals prior to asset placements and manage redelivery risks and costs.
  3. Aircraft FinTwin® MRO Owner Edition – Allows Airframe MROs to simulate Airframe checks prior to arrival. Forecast NRCs as a factor of operational and environmental variables and plan for dynamic procurement of spares. Simulate slot and bay movement profitability as a factor of capacity. 
  4. Aircraft FinTwin® Asset Owner Edition – Allows Airlines and Lessors to ingest Aircraft Specifications and Records in PDF formats or interface with CMS and MRO systems to create and update Airframe statuses. Calculate Direct Maintenance Costs per FH across components nose to tail based on current and projected utilization by comparing “what-if” scenarios. Simulate reserves, rentals cashflows and manage transitions and redelivery risks and associated costs. 
  5. ATA SpXchange – Revolutionize your digital data ecosystem by running your data streams through customized Language Models by Aircraft and Engine types and adopt ATA Spec25000, Spec24000 and Spec2000 standards to communicate validated data between your ecosystem partners. 
    SkyBot – The ChatGPT like GenAI interface allows you to query and retrieve information pertaining to your Aircraft, Engines and Components like how a Technical Records Engineer would. Stream across your content with context and reduce decision making time from weeks to days, hours to minutes.

MRX Systems

Blue Eye Suite Maintenance solutions by MRX Systems

The MRX Systems software solution is a fully-integrated digital platform enabling aviation professionals to access real-time data and take control over their fleet and their operations.

Thanks to more than 10 years of customer feedback and perpetual development, MRX Systems brings a complete, secure and scalable solution to challenges faced by operators, CAMOs and MROs. The system is divided into three modules, each of them designed to meet the specific operational needs of their users.

Multi-User, 100% paperless, always up-to-date, and Cloud based, all data is accessible at any time worldwide enhancing operation and maintenance efficiency.

Drastically Time-Saving
EASA / FAA compliant, we helped customers in over 20 countries and operating hundreds of aircraft to improve their operational communication and minimize the risk of human errors.

Definitely Connected
Bridged with Airbus Helicopters, CAMP, SkyLegs and many other, each database can be linked to various third parties using API. Connected files options are also available for internal needs.

Secured & Trusted
End-to-end encryption using SSL protocol.
Geographically distant daily back-ups via Microsoft Azure Cloud.
Data restoration features.
Awarded with AIRBUS Helicopters Data Stream Premium Certificate.

Blue EYE iPad App
Built-in & Custom Reports

You have specific needs and your clients specific expectations, Blue EYE offers the possibility to create report templates with infinite customization options. Import your logo, choose your layout and select which fields and ranges are to be included or not, we also propose assistance to design complex reports. If you don’t need any of these, you can still explore our report library, packed with built-in reports.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Through its cloud-based architecture and dedicated database, all data saved is automatically pushed to secure servers with daily back-ups, loss of data is now history.
Blue EYE iPad App also offers all its features offline, data is then locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.
Powering the paperless experience, Blue EYE is connected and data-fed by Blue EYE iPad App. This enables you to receive live information from your crew and technical staff through an intuitive and user-friendly application featuring eTechLogs, and eFlightLogs.

eJobCard iPad App
With the eJobCard iPad App, communication between CAMO and MRO has never been so simple. Instantly share job description and retrieve data from your technicians. From the iPad app, technicians can:

• View all assigned jobs.
• Open and read jobcards.
• Report findings, illustrated with pictures.
• Update parts, tools and resources used in seconds with QR codes.
• Sign off tasks and CRS directly on the device.

Online / Offline Work Environment
Blue MRO iPad App also offers all its features offline, all data is locally saved on your device, ready to synchronise when you reconnect to the internet.

CAMO Services

Your experts in airworthiness

At TrustFlight, we pride ourselves in providing a range of flexible and efficient services for the management of airworthiness. As one of the world’s largest outsourced CAMO providers, we have the experience and skills to efficiently support aircraft from business jets all the way to wide-body airliners.

Highly Experienced

We have a market-leading, highly experienced team comprising the full spectrum of engineering staff covering the range of CAMO support activities.

Part-M Subpart G Approved

Recognised by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and EASA for highly competent and capable leadership in compliance monitoring, management and continuing airworthiness.

Ready For The Future

The deep integrations we have throughout our service portfolio ensure that we can offer a modern and future-proof service.

Our Services

Leveraging the benefits of digitisation and automated data verification, combined with our years of expertise, we are able to provide a range of flexible and efficient services at a competitive price point.

Maintenance Programmes

Monitoring and development of tailored maintenance programmes.

Fleet Support

Short and long-term planning of maintenance inputs, on-site maintenance representation.

Technical Support

Guidance on AD/SB’s, damage assessment and repairs, modifications, defects and OEM liason.

Aircraft Records

Technical records audits, management and digitisation.

Reliability Monitoring

Monitoring and assessment of aircraft reliability. ETOPS monitoring and approval.

Delivery and Redelivery

Aircraft acceptance, technical audits and mid-term/end of lease inspections.

Our team has a wide-range of experience spanning multiple aircraft types and regulatory authorities.

Business Aircraft / Commercial Aircraft

  • Embraer
    Phenom 100 & 300, Legacy 450 & 500, Praetor 500 & 600
  • Cessna Citation
    Regulatory authorities

Regulatory authorities:

  • EASA
  • CASA
  • GCAA

Highly experienced with industry-leading aviation maintenance management software.

Ensuring that we manage your assets in the most effective way for your organisation.

Digital CAMO

As a digital software provider, our CAMO services leverage all of the benefits offered by digital records and modern software. This ensures that our customers not only have access to our portfolio of software products, including electronic Tech Logs and Task Cards, but we also have the expertise in data analytics to provide unparalleled insights into your aircraft.


TrustFlight for Aircraft Operators
The TrustFlight Suite powers a connected workflow for your entire operation. This includes products such as the Electronic Tech Log, MEL Manager and Centrik to enable a transition away from paper, as well as services to help boost efficiency and reduce risk.

TrustFlight for MROs
As a Maintenance and Repair Organisation, our Centrik software, CAMO services, and Digital Engine Log will help you achieve new levels of productivity, quality and insight into your operations.

TrustFlight for Leasing Companies
As an aircraft lessor, effortlessly register your assets with our blockchain-based Aircraft Registry, leverage our CAMO service for inspections & technical support, and access data insights with the Digital Engine Log.

The TrustFlight Suite of Products:

Aircraft Fleet View

Aircraft Fleet View is a user-friendly Progressive Web App (PWA) developed by CrossConsense that gives you an always up-to-date view on your airline’s fleet status. It indicates AOGs, delays and other important information. It provides the right level of detail to be useful but not crowded with information.

The Aircraft Fleet Viewis meant for the management of an airline that wants to get a general overview over the status of their fleet. Easy colour-coding shows you immediately where you should have a look. Get more detailed information about an aircraft in trouble by simply selecting the relevant card.

A further menu option is the Workorder Status Overview so that you can see for which of your aircraft workorders are issued and what kind of workorders these are.

You can also investigate on “Events”. By selecting Events you get to a view that shows all your A/C which have an AOG. You can also define other events to be shown in this overview. By selecting one of the A/C you get detailed information about the event.

If you are using this app on a computer with AMOS installed, embedded links will bring you to the right location in AMOS.

Aircraft with delays and the respective delay-time are shown on the overview and if you select an aircraft on the overview you can have a look on further details concerning the delay.

User administration is handled right inside the app, given the proper permissions.


Keep Moving

Whether in the office, at the worksite, or anywhere in-between, this task-specific suite of apps let your teams wirelessly manage your aircraft from their mobile devices. No need to be tied to a desktop. Access real-time info and perform real-time operations from wherever you go. With these apps, when you’re mobile, your fleet’s mobile.

The Right Tools for the Job

With this suite of tools, there is an app for every task. These offline-capable apps are designed with each worksite in mind and connect seamlessly to TRAX and eMRO® — the industry’s first mobile ERP solution.

With unique apps that optimize all aspects of the operation, from maintenance scheduling to cabin inspections, all tasks are streamlined with the right tools for the job.

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd

Over three decades, Swiss-AS has been successfully developing, marketing and selling the MRO software solution AMOS. Our long experience, uncompromising pursuit of quality and safety and our commitment to equip Swiss-AS customers with a state-of-the art solution are the pillars which steer the development of the system as well as our service delivery.

While combining 30 years of innovation and excellence in the area of IT and aircraft maintenance, Swiss-AS has become a fixture in the MRO software market.

Swiss AviationSoftware Ltd. (Swiss-AS) is a 100% subsidiary of Swiss International Air Lines and thereby embedded in the Lufthansa Group, one of the biggest airline groups of the world.

The key differentiators that make AMOS stand out from competition are the system´s high degree of integration and functional depth coupled with ease of use.

AMOS allows our customers to successfully manage their maintenance, engineering and logistics needs and to assure their compliance with a complex system of aviation regulations. The M&E software solution AMOS consists of nine modules which build the heart of the system while two additional functional sets (Human Resources, Financial Management) complete the system


After many years in business, Swiss AviationSoftware (Swiss-AS) has succeeded in offering the market a system that meets the fast changing demands of a highly dynamic industry and has attracted more than 180 customers worldwide. The number and size of customers who newly select, or continue to place their trust in AMOS, speaks for itself.

AMOS is the perfect fit for:

  • airlines of all size and type, from start-ups to tier-one organizations
  • MRO providers
  • CAMO organisations and other aviation companies.

The large community of expert users with their in-field experience has fundamentally contributed to the making of AMOS. Jointly working with our customers and being passionately committed to their needs allowed Swiss-AS to grow AMOS into a mature, proven, internationally renowned, high-quality system. The long-term success spurs us on to continuously develop new features, concepts, and value-added service packages for our customers.

The current focus of Swiss-AS is to assist the large circle of AMOS customers to shape and accelerate their digital transformation process while promoting all necessary initiatives that will bridge the digital gaps in the MRO process landscape.

AMOS Services

In order to be able to give our customers the most benefit from the implementation of AMOS, Swiss-AS offers a full package of services. We cover the whole range of services and thereby guarantee a successful and reliable AMOS performance. Ranging from initial requirement studies to system installation, from user training to consulting and 24h/7d support – we have the bespoke solution for any specific customer requirement.