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The KeepFlying® FinTwin® platform allows Aviation Asset Owners & Financiers improve the accuracy of forecasts of an Asset’s Revenue Potential over its Remaining Useful Life (RUL) through advanced Machine Learning models. MROs can reduce check Turn Around Times (TAT) and improve predictability of work scopes, profitability of Hangar and Shop Visits through Discrete Optimization & Dynamic Capacity Planning tools.

We are enabling a new era of Aviation Digital FinTwins™

The KeepFlying platform will power Lessors, Financiers, Operators & Legal Representatives to collaborate and simulate Asset Lifecycle Values & Risks. Visualize the revenue potential of your assets.

In an environment where Asset Owners and Financiers manage Financial data in silos to an Asset’s Technical & Operational data, the DSaaS platform is aimed at using the power of Data Science to bridge Technical statuses of each Asset to its finance cashflows to forecast the financial lifecycle of an Asset through a Digital FinTwin®.

The Engine FinTwin® – MRO edition allows MROs to visualize the revenue potential and profitability of upcoming Asset visits through the framework in conjunction with a dynamic capacity optimizing tool.

The Engine FinTwin® – Asset Owner / Lessor Edition allows Airlines, Lessors, Financiers to track Asset statuses, Maintenance Full & Half Life values, forecast Maintenance Costs, Maintenance Reserves and Rentals, Residual Values through “what-if” scenarios to gauge Commercial viability of trades to make informed decisions on Asset placement and subsequent tracking through an Asset’s RUL.

Advanced data models and machine learning algorithms are configured at an Aircraft / Engine Type level and inherited to the individual Serial Numbers for profiling.

Data Wrangling (Historic & Dynamic data cleansing, formatting, validating) is a key component of the DSaaS platform. Wrangled data can be exchanged in ATA Spec 2400 & Spec 2500 formats. 

Getting On Board

Transition to Data Exchange Standards

Run your Data through our engine to Digitize, Process & Exchange your data in ATA spec formats.

Place a CFA on the computer

Apply configurable financial models against your Asset Loans & Leases to forecast commercial viability.

Establish the Digital FinTwin™

Simulate your asset lifecycle using our smart models to gain maximum value out of your asset’s remaining life.