The “TraxDoc” module provides a documentation management system internal to the Trax application. Documents in any format (hard copy, Word docs, Excel files, Images, Video, Audio, PDF, SGML & XML) can be stored in the Trax database and available to the users (published to view globally in PDF format). A work flow authorization process can be incorporated to distribute a document according to standards by document type. Future developments are closely integrating TraxDoc with the Engineering, Library and Inventory modules (e.g. when a SB digitally loaded into TraxDoc an Engineering Control will be automatically assigned and sent for workflow review).

Manufacturers documentation can be loaded, used and revised on-line in SGML or XML formats. Temporary and airline revisions can be loaded (e.g. to AMM) and used within Task Card Content for example. 

TraxDoc Security
TraxDoc Security compliments the Trax System security for greater security control for TraxDoc Documents. The TraxDoc Security Explorer is used to set security for the TraxDoc Categories. It controls which users will have access to the TraxDoc Documents in that Category. The TraxDoc Security Explorer is also used to control what level of security a user will have in each category such as view, modify, print, export or revise. A security profile (from Trax Security Explorer) or individual users can be added to the each TraxDoc Category.

TraxDoc Fleet Explorer

TraxDoc Security Explorer