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TRAX is the undisputed global leader in the aviation Maintenance and Engineering software industry. TRAX, and its eMRo and eMobility products have been developed – with Airlines and for Airlines – to provide the most comprehensive and advanced ERP MRO software and mobile apps available today. TRAX software solutions have been selected by over 190 airlines and MROs worldwide with fleets consisting of all types of aircraft.


Embracing ever progressing technology, Trax has released a web-based maintenance and engineering software . eMRO has been developed with our users to provide what is the most comprehensive and advanced maintenance software solution available today, with the best sales and implementation record of any M&E solution provider ever. 

The eMRO system is a fully integrated web-based product, which allows complete information flow between the modules in the system and provides the means to manage and maintain all information generated by a maintenance organization. Improved efficiency and lower costs can be achieved through the use of this product. 

  • Latest operating systems and browser independent.
  • Mobile access and iPad support for many functions, particularly in the Aircraft, Line, Hangar and Warehouse Management areas. 
  • New functions include Manpower optimization and E-enabled aircraft capabilities.
  • LDAP capability and further Networking security has been added.
  • RFID has been added for Inventory functions and safety equipment management, and will continue to be deployed thru other areas in the system in the future.
  • True web-based application deployment.

User group meetings and specialist seminars are held on a regular basis. These are proving useful to the user community in terms of relaying their continually changing requirements to Trax – and allowing Trax to stay at the leading edge of industry developments.


With the suite of eMobility tools, there is an app for every maintenance task. These offline-capable iOS apps are designed with each worksite in mind and connect seamlessly to eMRO. With these streamlined apps available from a mobile device, the database goes wherever your worksite takes you. Mechanics can review diagrams without leaving the aircraft; pilots can key in defects from the cockpit; and ground crews can input turnaround data directly from the gate.

You can manage your fleet with real-time accuracy. With up to the moment information, the eMobility apps help cut downtime by allowing problem-solving on the spot. Staying informed helps keep urgent decisions from becoming timely delays. If users are outside of wireless range, the offline-synchronization feature stores your data on the tablet until within range. Once in range, the apps automatically sync their data with the database.

Your operation can maximize efficiency by choosing the apps that best fit your needs.

Click on each of the listed modules to view the areas that the eMRO and eMobility solutions cover.