The Settings section covers all the basic set-up data to operate the system. User-definable parameters are used, and most areas utilize the pop-up data selection windows to populate required data for this section.

Options are available to set-up the following data tables:

The aircraft registration numbers used in the system, including associated information

Aircraft Type/Series
Aircraft Type/Series in the fleet.

ATA Specifications
ATA Chapter/Section/Paragraphs plus associated reliability alert and recurrent levels information.

Authorization Levels (Orders/Requisition)
Financial authorization levels for all Orders and Requisitions.

Bins (within locations)
Bin reference numbers within each location (for validation purposes) and last counted date.

List of customers to provide third-party services to (Sales Orders and Work Orders).

Customer Discount
Discount structure information for third-party customers.

Information on company employees, including workload and license control.

Locations used in the system, such as warehouses, maintenance facilities, libraries and quarantine locations.

MEL Master
MEL data by aircraft Type/Series. All related information for MEL’s, such as restrictions and limitations.

Consignment inventory owners (or customer-owned stock) for parts.

Part Number set-up information, including category (rotable, expendable etc.), unit of measure, average costs, shelf life control etc. Other functionality for parts includes: Interchangeability, Re-Order Levels, Effectivity, Time Controls (for serialised items), Preferred Bin Control, Position Configuration, Engineering Controls, Kit Parts, Assembly Configuration and Image Storage.

P/N Master (General)
Part Number set-up information, including category (serialized, expendable and etc.), unit of measure, average costs, shelf life control etc. Other functionality for parts includes, interchangeability, re-order levels, preferred bin control, and image storing for all general office equipment and supply there by allowing items to be issued and billed to the various department/ business unit accounts.  

All routes that aircraft within the company will fly, including mean time and allowable deviations.

List of skills and cost/sell per skill, including burden and overtime rates.

Vendors/Suppliers/Manufacturers/Repair Agencies, plus their associated contact information

System Transaction Codes Explorer
System code tables used in all modules, such as condition codes, units of measure, defect types, task card categories, engineering authorities, production categories plus many more