One goal of implementing a system such as eMRO is to improve productivity and thus reduce costs. This module is capable of accomplishing both. Detailed cost recording takes place (for total financial accounting) and can be charged out to individual aircraft or components to maintain total control of costs.

Work can be planned effectively and work packs can be created quickly, avoiding labor-intensive copying and sorting of Check Cards. Relevant information to the checks is produced along with the Check Pack to allow project management of the check. Reports detailing work requirements and zone conflicts help to organize the check effectively. Panel removal sheets cut down time wasted in removing/installing panels unnecessarily. Electronic documentation (such as MM attachments) can be printed with Task Cards in the package.

Third-party capabilities provide the tools necessary to manage projects, giving you full flexibility and control over your costs and charges to your customers. System invoicing is immediate, detailing all work carried out and any materials used. Additional billing can be added to include miscellaneous costs.

Bar coding can be used for shop floor data collection, allowing on-line real time recording of work carried out. Graphical status of each check can be viewed while work is in progress. Management personnel can easily see when the work is ahead or behind schedule (actual verses estimates), along with the breakdown of costs involved.

Included as part of the Production system is the interface for your financial system, which provides complete cost control on checks and dissemination of work in progress costs against completed work.

Finally, upon completion of Work Orders (checks etc.), completion information is fed back to other modules in the system, such as Technical Records (for component information), Engineering (completions of inspections, AD’s, SB’s etc.) and the accounts interface (for costing and billing).

Electronic signature provides the capability of archiving all task cards electronically with the sign-off from the person(s) that completed the work.

Example Screen 1 – Work Order Status

Example Screen 2 – Task Card Tab in Production Control