The Orders section deals with all order types in the system, including sales.

The order types used throughout the system are: Contract Order, Exchange In/Out Order, Loan Order, Purchase Order, Service Order, Repair Order, Customer Order, Rental Order, Manufacturer Order, Warranty Claim Order, Transfer Order and Insurance Claim. 

Additional Order Module functions include: Order Status which allows for vendor interaction, Order Receiving Discrepancy to allow for Purchasing and Receiving Department interaction, Vendor Price Listing Import for data sources and Power by the Hour tracking capability.

Order Authorization is an optional switch, which will allow users to have a financial level of authorization to issue orders, and provides the option to have complete workflow capability for order approval.

SPEC2000 is supported for Quotations, Purchases, repairs and invoicing.

Order Invoices can be registered in the system, and information can be passed to the company’s financial systems via an appropriate interface.

Example Screen – Order Authorization Explorer


The creation of requisitions can come from a number of sources; from technicians working on an aircraft or component, to the planning department personnel. Requisitions can be generated automatically using Inventory Transactions as defined by Re-Order Level Requirements. These Re-Order Requisitions will notify Purchasing/ Materials Department when parts are diminishing and require replenishment.

Besides the normal query and report facilities, a Graphical Management Reporting tool is available.


Orders can be created and tracked in the system as required (including send via SPEC2000). Graphical explorer technology is used to provide a concise overview of orders and their status.

There is considerable functionality associated with the orders section of the system.