Technical documentation, including Manuals, can be registered and tracked within the organization using the Library module. Workflow management can be implemented to provide users with the functionality to authorize and control manuals and documentation.

The Library Explorer is a graphical portrayal of the data within the library system. Manuals/documents are recorded in the system, and each individual item is registered into its correct location, along with revision and copy information.

The Manual Authorization Explorer allows each individual department to graphically review the item according to the steps set in the master control. Completion of each step passes the item to the next step/department.

Revisions when received can be recorded and dispatched on the system along with the relevant paperwork to control them. Different locations can see their revision status compared with the master documents.

In addition to the tracking of all Manuals and revisions, the Library module offers customers a means of requesting, tracking and assigning any technical documentations for Task Cards, TraxDoc and Manuals via the Tech Pub Request feature.

The Library module also offers customers a means of communicating company Memos, revisions to Manuals or TraxDoc as well as company Notifications with the Read & Sign feature. Utilizing this feature will allow users to provided feedback and store signature confirmations of receipts for record keeping purposes. 

Example Screen 1 – Read and Sign Requirements

Example Screen 2 – Library Explorer