S4A Smart NOTAM MANAGER is designed to improve and automate NOTAMs processing, e.g. production, storage, distribution, and retrieval of NOTAM in full compliance with ICAO standards. Its main goal is to provide all necessary flight related NOTAMs in a customized format, sorted and displayed to the user’s needs, while removing NOTAMs not relevant for Flight Crews. NOTAMs are also handled by a dedicated module of Smart MET Mobile, offering similar functionality based on an intuitive mobile interface.

Key Features:

  • Gathering NOTAMs from multiple sources (for expediency and redundancy)
  • NOTAM filtering
  • Advanced NOTAM parsing and processing
  • Sophisticated NOTAM management
  • Enhanced NOTAM briefing
  • Customized browsing and sorting
  • Colouring of key words
  • NOTAM editing
  • NOTAM comparing
  • NOTAM history control
  • NOTAM bulletin creation and automatic distribution
  • A reliable and condensed source of information for Smart BRIEF
  • Two-way information exchange with other S4A products