S4A Smart COMM

S4A Smart COMM system, represents a major advance in streamlining and improving airline communication processes. Efficient communication ensures efficient operations. Flight Dispatch, Operations Control, Weight and Balance, Maintenance, Pilots, Aircraft Routing and Crew Scheduling can now collaborate on operational problems and situations, using a common platform. Users have a common view of the airline’s operation with critical information alerted in real time as changes occur. The communication between ground staff and aircraft via ACARS is available with a single mouse click. Smart COMM treats an aircraft as just another user of the system, handling all complex ACARS coded message formatting, behind the scenes. Furthermore, the System can respond to ACARS transaction requests issued by aircraft, as well as automatically alerting pilots of any relevant operational information, ensuring regulatory compliance for flight watch. The status of all flights can be monitored by our incorporated real-time Smart OPS module, which may serve as a one-stop-shop for numerous workflows involving communication, alerting and emergency response.

Key Features:

  • Real-time on-screen messaging and alerting
  • Peer to Peer communication
  • Two-way ACARS messaging
  • Automatic ACARS uplink and downlink transactions
  • Rule-based alerting (weather, NOTAM, ACARS, load, fuel, operational events, MELs and much more)
  • Fuzzy logic message addressing
  • Real-time flight monitoring of turbulence, winds and altitude variance
  • Tight integration with other Smart4Aviation products
  • WX/NOTAM change alerts sent via ACARS
  • Rule-based alerting (weather, NOTAM,ACARS, load, fuel, operational events, MELs and more)
  • Archiving of all important communication events and operational messages
  • Detailed history of events 
  • Precise configuration of who receives which alerts and when
  • Extendable platform for all airline-specific information alerting
  • Customizable alerting rules and workloads
  • ACARS initialization
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Worldwide web based secure access to application