e-Aircraft® Services

e-Aircraft® Services

IP-enabled electronic flight bag portfolio seamlessly integrates aircraft to ground communications


SITA’s E-Aircraft® Services allows your airline to operate more efficiently by creating a comprehensive electronic flight bag (EFB) portfolio that is fully compatible with modern internet protocol (IP) communications. This allows any aircraft to remain in communication with the ground at all times.

E-Aircraft Services, the evolution of traditional aircraft services, enables seamless integration between all existing technologies. It is a fully neutral and flexible solution, suitable for mixed fleets and compatible with any combination of EFB and communications configuration.

How it helps
Reduces cost and accelerates turnaround time

SITA’s E-Aircraft Services combines a comprehensive EFB application portfolio with modern IP communications to help airlines operate more efficiently. It supports all classes of EFBs and a combination of mobile cellular, Wi-Fi and satellite-based communications.

E-Aircraft Services is hardware and software agnostic. You can select SITA and/or another best-of-breed EFB application.

To promote a better user-experience, SITA offers a managed end-to-end content management and delivery solution with content storing at airports or your airline’s hub.


  • EFB Integrator – manages the transfer of data to and from ground-based IT systems and the aircraft
  • EFB Applications – a range of software applications that manage pilots’ workflow
  • Agnostic IP Link Interconnection – allows aircraft operators to use their own IP link technology over which E-Aircraft Services can be provided in a managed way