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SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions. SITA delivers and manages business solutions for airline, airport, GDS, government and other customers over the world’s most extensive network, which forms the communications backbone of the global air transport industry.

SITA – Pioneering seamless e-Aircraft solutions across your entire fleet

SITA sets the benchmark for true e-aircraft nose-to-tail solutions, providing the complete range of products and services an airline needs to realize the full potential of the connected aircraft. Our portfolio includes services for airline commercial management, passenger connectivity, flight operations, aircraft operations, air-to-ground communications and more

Airline strategies

We unlock airline challenges and enable them to streamline cabin and cockpit operations, optimize maintenance and flight operation procedures, improve airline and passenger safety, as well as personalize the passenger experience and grow ancillary revenues.

By providing up-to-date information and enabling real-time communication between staff, operational efficiency can be improved substantially. Eliminating paper-based documentation and shifting to digital solutions provides immediate reductions in delays, improved fuel efficiency and better customer service, creating a profitable airline. Moreover, real-time updates to dynamic operational information will improve decision-making and reduce disruptions.

User solutions

By combining your expertise about people and processes with our connectivity innovation and experience, we deliver co-created, user-centered solutions for passengers, cockpit and cabin crew, flight operations, air traffic control and aircraft health

Front-line product innovation

Our integration expertise means we’re able to bring trusted innovation to the market through our portfolio of e-Aircraft™ solutions for both sides of the cockpit door. 

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SITA was launched on 1 January 2015 as part of the SITA Group. We have 400 airline customers operating over 14,000 aircraft, and 80% of the of the world’s airlines use SITA FOR AIRCRAFT AIRCOM® to connect every resource, from pilots to ATC. It is headquartered in Geneva, and has offices in London, Montreal, Atlanta and Singapore, with more than 280 staff worldwide.