Airline cabin crews traditionally rely heavily on paper for a number of things including passenger name lists, passenger bag load status and connecting flight information.

SITA’s CrewTablet is a tablet-based application that removes the need for paper. It is integrated to various airline back-end systems and collects and uploads a range of information before and after the flight.

Tablets need to balance ease of use with complex back-end IT systems. SITA’s CrewTablet is easy to implement and enhances the interaction between crew and passengers.

Streamlined operations

SITA has developed reliable 3G connectivity in airports, hangars and crew hotels. This enables your cabin crew to access additional information before takeoff, such as weather reports and frequent flyer status. They can also synchronize completed crew forms to the crew server on landing.
Integrated IT

SITA works with Apple and other leading device manufacturers and has already integrated CrewTablet for some of the world’s biggest and fastest growing airlines. We understand how to manage large volumes of air transport data securely through third-party applications.

This product is available through SITA’s ATI Cloud.