Avionics Technical Services

With our large technical capability, Scandinavian Avionics A/S covers all areas of the avionics field, including equipment maintenance, system troubleshooting, engineering system integration and installation.

The technical capability has changed with the transfer from light to medium and heavy airplanes and helicopters. Beside the traditional equipment other integrated and more complex systems of both civil and military nature are also covered:

  • EFIS/MFD & Moving Map
  • SATCOM & Data Transfer
  • Electronic Flight Bags
  • Autopilot & Flight Director
  • Airborne Flir & Camera
  • Airborne Radar & Detection
  • Navigation & Surveillance
  • Data Link
  • Gyro and Instruments
  • FMS

Avionics Installation

Complete Turn-key Avionics Solutions
Scandinavian Avionics/The SA Group develops, designs, installs, documents, substantiate and certify even very extensive and complete “nose to tail” avionics modifications.

SA holds 31 years of experience with all kinds of aircraft modifications and retrofits, standard ones and up to the most advanced, state-of-the-art technologies from the future air navigation and communication systems.

At SA we take great pride in our work and ensure:

  • that installations are performed in best quality based on all relevant certification and approval requirements from the involved authorities.
  • professional and careful handling of aircrafts and  equipment during the whole project from start to end.
  • efficient and qualified processing with highly experienced staff and fast turn-around-time.
  • highest quality by means of serious craftsmanship, high quality materials as well as air and ground testing with dedicated and recognized test equipment.

Current Focus
Over time, SA has increased the activity to cover all newer avionics areas such as:

  • EFIS (glass cockpit – electronic flight instrument systems)
  • EFB (electronic flight bags)
  • SatCom (office in the sky, satellite communications)

The activity has expanded to include more helicopters and air transport aircraft (bigger civil aircraft) as well as more military and government business.

Avionics Maintenance & Support

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
Technical services such as maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) are a continually expanding part of the core business of Scandinavian Avionics A/S. This is partially due to these services becoming more digital, complicated and expensive to support, leaving MRO services in the hands of the equipment manufacturers and a few larger avionics companies.

The latter includes SA who, based on the EASA/FAA Part-145 Maintenance Approvals, has the advantage of being of a significant size with a structure of many worldwide locations and a support capability of more than 10,000 part numbers.

The traditional avionics and instrument support is expanding and now also includes military and air transport platforms, making The SA Group an extremely strong partner for any MRO requirement.

Aircraft Troubleshooting
As basis for qualified and effective system troubleshooting Scandinavian Avionics (The SA Group) provides a well trained technical staff experienced with systems and aircraft interfaces, testing and optimizing in order to ensure the best possible performance as specified by the equipment and/or aircraft manufacturers.

24 Hour Worldwide Support
In order to provide the optimum customer service and support, SA’s support system includes field service support teams, offering all technical services worldwide on site at the customer’s location around the clock. SA provides the customers with all the relevant updates and upgrades needed along the way.

Avionics MRO Capability List

SA has an extensive in-house MRO capability for more than 10,000 part numbers and supports both FAA and EASA Part-145 (Dual release).

Furthermore, SA has a substantial capability by means of a number of selected and trusted partnerships which fulfils SA’s requirements for quality, customer service and turnaround time.

The MRO capability list mainly covers avionics and instrument components and generally specify the equipment by OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Part Numbers. However be aware that i.e. Airframe manufacturers may use their own PN’s instead of the original equipment manufacturers part, type or model number. For this reason our capability listing may include all your equipment despite the numbers does not correlate directly and we please ask about your support by referring to the OEM part numbers when investigating our capability.

Alternatively of course feel free to contact us for assistance and clarification.

In addition to the capability listed in this area, SA provides a wide range of services:

  • Design and certification of A/C modifications (EASA Part-21)
  • Engineering, analyses and drawings (CAD based)
  • In aircraft system troubleshooting and repair
  • System integration and installation
  • Technical and operational training
  • Supply of new and used equipment
  • Supply of rental and exchange equipment
  • Supply of test and workshop equipment
  • Field service team support on a worldwide basis

The list is constantly updated and revised and you can always find an updated version on this website.

Download the lates version of the SA MRO Capability here.

For more information or inquiries please feel free to contact our Certification and Technical Sales Manager Michael R. Truelsen.

Laser Wire Marking

To comply with the latest requirements for installation of a new system, SA can assist with laser wire marking concepts utilizing the market leading wire marking system.

Our wire marking system uses the latest technology to deliver the most cost effective laser wire marking on the market according to standards required by the authorities or customers quality systems.

With the capabilities and performance of the system we can perform wire marking projects quickly and cost-effectively.

CAPRIS 60-200 wire marking system specifications

  • Line speed up to 60 meter/minute
  • Wire size range 6 AWG to 26 AWG
  • Min/max cable length 150mm/250m
  • Measurement accuracy +0.25%/ -0% typical
  • Automatic detection of knots, wire ends, splices
  • Marking with upper and lower characters

For more information, pricing and order placement please contact: 
Christer Nilsson from our wire marking division in Malmö, Sweden.