Scandinavian Avionics A/S

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Having the advantage of a high level of internal experience, capability and qualifications combined with a close cooperation with relevant manufacturers (OEM) of civil as well as defense equipment, Scandinavian Avionics A/S offers total turnkey solutions for all avionics applications and instruments.

Scandinavian Avionics A/S (SA) was established in 1978 with the objective to serve the civil aircraft industry within sales, installation and maintenance of avionics. Since then, Scandinavian Avionics A/S has expanded into a larger organization – The SA Group.

Today, over 30 years after the foundation, The SA Group is a highly experienced avionics organization characterized by high quality products, services, worldwide support and a responsive, open-minded and professional attitude in all aspects of the business.

From the corporate headquarters in Billund, Denmark and divisions in Sweden, Norway, Greece, Malaysia, Bahrain and India, The SA Group provides avionics installation, certification, maintenance, support and training with the main business platforms being larger helicopters, business jets, regional airlines and defense electronics.  In addition, SA is an appointed distributor and service centre for most of the civil avionics manufacturers and has commercial agreements with many key military producers – several on an exclusive basis.

All products and services are based on relevant approvals such as EASA/FAA Part-145 Maintenance, Part-145 POA, Part-147 Training and specific local civil and military agreements. Furthermore, SA holds the Part-21 DOA and has obtained more than 400 certifications via this EASA privilege.

Worldwide service and support
The customer base is geographically spread over all of Europe, Africa, CIS, the Middle and Far East, and all customers are able to enjoy SA’s worldwide technical services on-site at the customer’s location, available around the clock.

The worldwide service is carried out from 8 service centers in Europe, the Middle and Far East. The SA service centers are manned by a well-trained staff and recognized by most manufacturers and all services are based on their recommended procedures, test equipment, tools and documentation.

The technical services at the service centers are performed in close co-operation with the main centre in Billund through online connections, taking advantage of joint experience and local knowledge, providing immediate and qualified on-site system troubleshooting, repair and installation work as well as upgrade of certifications according to local or EASA requirements.