Reliability Manager (FCRM)

FleetCycle® Reliability Manager (FCRM) is a best-of-breed software tool designed to automate and streamline the reliability functions inherent to the aircraft maintenance industry. FCRM converts the time- consuming reliability functions of manual data gathering and report building into the bottom line-enhancing business benefits tied to cross-functional data analysis, real-time intelligence reporting and enhanced risk management.

Key System Benefits:

  • Full support for FAA CASS-compliant reporting and analysis
  • Improved risk and performance management
  • Gap anaylsis between operational performance and inherent reliability
  • Early warning of negative aircraft and component trends
  • Shortened response times to internal and external information requests
  • Improved quality
  • Significant reductions in manual workflow processes

Fleetcycle (R) Reliability Manager (FCRM) empowers airlines, regardless of size or classification, to more easily comply
with the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) by providing many

of the capabilities described in the FAA’s Advisory Circular 120-79, “Developing and Implementing a CASS.”

Key Features:

  • Event-Based Programming: Identify, communicate, analyze and implement corrective actions and then measure the effectiveness of each change for operational risk management of significant events (e.g. aborted take-offs, in-flight engine shutdowns, etc.)
  • Background Monitoring: Create customized business rules to monitor and analyze reliability-related data and for filtering of extraneous data
  • Work Queue: User-defined display of CASS/reiability data and events for further analysis
  • Date Management: Edit and update operational data for internal business requirements and accurate regulatory reporting
  • Reports: Standard, regulatory (mandatory) and ad hoc reporting
  • FCRM Administration: The purpose of this module is to define default administrative functionality for FCRM
  • Executive Dashboard: Displays performance and goal information based on user profiles
  • Fleet, Aircraft, Engine Performance: Identify, analyze and communicate delay and cancellation instances and other specific reliability-related events
  • Maintenance Human Factors: Analytical reporting tool targets the human factors aspects of aircraft maintenance
  • Systems, Subsystems, Components: Identify, analyze and communicate delay and cancellation instances and other specific reliability-related events
  • Vendor Performance: Manage data related to the performance and reliabiltiy of vendor product based on vendor sophistication, data accessibility and contractual or warranty agreements
  • Station Performance: Manage maintenance and flight data related to the performance and reliability of stations
  • Reliability Subject Area Repository: Reliability-related fact table accessed by aircraft reliability-related dimensions