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FleetCycle® suite of software products are designed to support aircraft maintenance industry best practices. They provide point-of-maintenance access, tracking and intelligence to all registered users throughout the airline/MRO organization via secure internet/intranet or cloud-based/mobile technologies.

EmpowerMX has been developing software solutions since 1999. The solutions are marketed under the FleetCycle® brand and provide functionality that covers all aspects relating to maintenance, repair and overhaul of high value assets. Since its inception, EmpowerMX has focused on the aviation sector with most of the major US airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and American Eagle, now using the FleetCycle® solution. EmpowerMX partners with customers, contracting to achieve significant benefits by using FleetCycle® within the customer environments.

EmpowerMX currently markets 4 solutions – FleetCycle® AERO, FleetCycle® MRO, FleetCycle® OEM and FleetCycle® DEF which covers Airline companies, Maintenance organizations, Manufacturers and Defense companies. Each solution is built on a modular basis and is comprised from the following list of modules:

  • FCXP – base maintenance execution,
  • FCXL – line maintenance execution,
  • FCMM – materials management and supply chain,
  • FCMPM – maintenance program management and technical records,
  • FCPM – short and long term planning
  • FCELB – electronic logbook

In addition to the above solutions, each of the modules can operate on their own or with other 3rd party software.
Each module has been developed to ensure it operates in both a desk and mobile environment, ensuring customers can realize the benefits of a mobile-ready workforce. A number of customers are now implementing the mobile solutions, operating with less paper and an almost paperless environment. The electronic signatures incorporated throughout the modules enables customers to gain significant benefits through an improved business process.
FleetCycle® is generally delivered and accessed through the cloud which is EmpowerMX’s preferred method of deployment. For any customers wishing to host the software themselves, EmpowerMX can also help facilitate and advise on this option.
During each implementation, EmpowerMX encourage customers to measure the benefits that might be achieved after implementation by a comparison of a before and after FleetCycle®. To date, EmpowerMX have achieved an improvement in efficiency of between 15% and 25%.