Production Manager (FCXP)

EmpowerMX FCXP 2016.pdf

FleetCycle® Execution Suite – Production Manager(FCXP) is the world’s premier web-based softwaretool for the aircraft heavy-maintenance industry. FCXP provides airline, MRO and military mainten- ance operations with the tools to achieve significant performance improvements via:

  • Profitability Improved check-execution labor efficiency and decreased turn-around times 
  • Predictability Dynamic real-time updates of check status and a running tally of non-routine tasks 
  • Repeatability Intelligence from previous successful checks captured and replicated 
  • Accessibility Check information available 24/7/365 from anywhere with Internet connection 
  • Accountability Task performance and check progress visible to allFleetCycle

Generating Return on Investment (ROI)
EmpowerMX customers report a rapid ROI within 3-6 months following implementation through:

  • Production Coordination Improvements ◦ sequencing tasks, labor collection and analysis ◦ replicating success 
  • Assignment Control ◦ rapid electronic assignment of qualified staff ◦ real-time progress reviews 
  • Rework Avoidance
  • Non-Routine Task Creation, Tally and View
  • Electronic Transfer of Work to Next Shift 
  • Card Audit / Control ◦ automatic tally of all routine and non-routine tasks ◦ tasks displayed for rapid decisions

FCXP, a multiple-user production-coordination system, uses the power of internet/intranet and wireless technologies to simplify and automate the complicated planning, execution and massive data-management tasks associated with heavy maintenance operations.

FCXP is a powerful multi-user production-coordination system designed to support and enhance aircraft

heavy-maintenance operations. This cutting-edge software product equips maintenance personnel with the

dynamic tools needed to optimize routine and non-routine task performance and to track production status in

real time on the hangar floor. Armed with this FCXP-produced intelligence, decision makers can direct the

right actions at the right time to ensure the aircraft check is completed on schedule.

Key User Features:

  • Precise, real-time displays of aircraft maintenance status
  • Powerful Help, data mining and search functions
  • Visual map of where each task is located on the aircraft
  • Electronic entry of non-routine tasks is automatically tied to generating tasks
  • Ability to input data in handheld, wireless device for immediate inclusion in the database
  • Notification and response time tracked in real time for inspectors, engineers and shops
  • Attaching digital images of the discrepancy to the task card allows pictures to follow the task for reference by assigned crewmember

Key Supervisory Features:

  • Crew leads can dynamically estimate task times
  • Plan checks at the task card level and then template execution of successful checks
  • Dynamic Gantt chart displaying and forecasting of tasks
  • Detailed tracking reports on recurring non-routine items
  • Time tracking for each task by crew, crew lead and individual crew member
  • Multi-tasking functionality tracks multiple crew members and crews working on multiple tasks
  • Early warning graphics give instant notification of late task completion

Key Administrative Features:

  • Ability to dynamically change sequence of tasks
  • Production coordination standardized for all fleet types
  • All user sign-ins and sign-offs are electronically entered and a running log is archived
  • Standard and ad hoc report generator
  • Reliability data generator
  • Capable of seamlessly integrating with your legacy / enterprise resource-planning systems
  • Internet / intranet access for all registered users with four levels of dynamic system security