Maintenance Program Manager (FCMPM)

EmpowerMX FCMPM 2016.pdf

FleetCycle®  Maintenance  Program  Manager  (FCMPM)  equips the aviation maintenance  industry with  the ability to successfully  manage  assets,  asset-maintenance  requirements  and  the  allowable  composition  of asset assemblies. Additionally, FCMPM simplifies the time-consuming task of managing an MRB- or MPD-directed continuous airworthiness program by automating the processes of tracking routine maintenance events.

Operators employing this powerful and user-friendly tracking tool in their maintenance departments have instant access to the routine task information for each aircraft in their fleet(s). FCMPM also provides operators with  the means to track, add, revise and plan event and check-related activities for single aircraft and/or fleet activities dynamically and in real time.

Key Asset Management Features:

  • Import and process task execution data to document accomplishment of maintenance requirements
  • Maintain actual asset composition through capture of asset replacement data
  • Maintain asset maintenance-accomplished data via collection of maintenance-accomplished-inexecution tools
  • Enter vendor maintenance actions via a receiving return-to-service process
  • Manage recognized manufacturer part numbers, stock number groupings, and degree-of-asset tracking via stock numbers
  • Manage asset identification and configuration data
  • Resolve maintenance-execution information/actual asset information conflicts
  • View asset logbook information along with time-in-service history, in-service maintenance history and all return-to-service data
  • View asset-event history and all event edits
  • Update asset time-in-service records using assembly information and desired measurement units

Manage Allowable Composition of Assets:

  • Define allowable sub-assemblies with intermixable constraints
  • Audit asset actual composition to establish conformity to allowable composition

FCMPM tracks the information needed to properly maintain every aircraft. Tracked information includes Maintenance Review Board (MRB) tasks, manufacturer-recommended tasks from the Maintenance Planning Document (MPD) and Service Bulletins, FAA mandatory tasks (AD, CMR, ALI, etc.), and operator-specific engineering and/or maintenance program tasks.

FCMPM Core Benefits:

  • Compliance: Provides compliance with aviation industry standards and regulatory rules
  • Accountability: Accomplishment events, change history and requirement-revision data readily available
  • Optimization: Optimum bundling and planning of maintenance requirements
  • Accessibility: Information available 24/7/365 to anyone with internet connectivity
  • Analysis: Complex information presented in clear, easily digestible content


  • Extract current information needed to satisfy user criteria and then view results in a report with system-set formatting
  • Establish defined reports generated/controlled by users and made available for viewing to subscribers

Manage Maintenance Requirements:

  • Control maintenance requirements by managing asset
  • Enhance the maintenance requirements process by importing resolved revision data
  • Apply maintenance requirements sensitive to pre-and
  • Simplify applicability groupings with a maintenance requirement by allowing for periodicity variations between production plan information and populations of assets
  • Establish checks and bundle main