Line Manager (FCXL)

EmpowerMX FCXL 2016.pdf

Fleetcycle (R) Line Manager (FCXL) is a line maintenance execution system designed to meet the dynamic demands of the aircraft in-service environment. This best-of-breed software product equips line maintenance personnel with the tools needed to optimize routine and non-routine task performance while giving decision makers the ability to track maintenance status in real time at widely-distributed line stations within and outside the operator’s enterprise.
FleetCycle® Line Manager (FCXL) automates the execution of line (aircraft-in-service) maintenance activities by delivering:

  • the execution of scheduled, unscheduled or spontaneous maintenance requirements
  • optimization of fleet in service time
  • integration with in-flight information systems
  • detailed task information for the line station mechanic
  • electronic entry of non-routine tasks
  • real-time monitoring, communication and corrective actions
  • compliance with industry standards, best practices and regulatory rules
  • dynamic data mining and search capabilities

Using FCXL to process timely corrective actions ensures the on-time completion of maintenance requirements, the prerequisite for achieving the critical-to-business-success flight dispatch schedules

A core requirement for every airline operator is to maintain each aircraft in a safe and airworthy condition. A major challenge faced by every operator is to properly manage the execution of routine and non-routine task maintenance requirements for in-service aircraft at line stations.

FCXL provides the structure and support for efficient and effective line maintenance processes, critical elements for meeting/exceeding the safety, dispatch reliability, customer satisfaction and financial performance goals of airline operators.

Key User Features:

  • Internet/intranet access for all registered users; four levels of user security
  • Electronic entry of non-routine tasks; automatically
  • tied to generating tasks
  • Ability to input data in handheld, wireless device for immediate inclusion into the database
  • All user sign-offs are electronically entered and a running log is archived
  • Time tracking for each task by crew member, crew and supervisor
  • Visual map of where task is located on aircraft
  • Provides real-time notification of support requests (e.g., engineering) and for resolution tracking
  • Powerful help, data mining, and search functions
  • Presents data associated with open bills of work on aircraft and enables users to control execution

Key Planning and Administrative Features

  • Precise, real-time displays of aircraft maintenance status
  • Early warning graphics provide instant notification for schedule-busting bills of work
  • Multi-tasking functionality tracks multiple crew members and crews working on multiple tasks
  • Supervisors can dynamically update requirements to accomplish corrective action and easily assign tasks considering technician availability, skill and authorizations
  • Provides for execution planning of bills of work including resource,cost, task card sequencing, and risk to schedule information
  • Ability to dynamically change sequence of tasks
  • Provides for management of the materials required to accomplish task card corrective actions
  • Compliance with industry standards, best practices and regulatory rules
  • Standard and ad hoc report generator
  • Reliability data generator
  • Current legacy and enterprise resource planning systems integration capability