Management Dashboard

Monitor Efficiency

Understanding information is, however what truly allows us to lean and adapt to the environment around us. With this in mind AVTECH created its Management Dashboard, a cloud based solution which allows users to get valuable information, displayed in a user friendly way to their desktop, tablet or phone.

When the Management Dashboard is paired with Aventus NowCast, the system receives a host of information from the FMS which allows managers, decision makers and fuel savings engineer’s powerful insights to the operation of their fleet as a whole or an aircraft in particular. Additionally, other outside data sources can be combined to give stakeholders information related to:

  • Cost Index
  • Fuel usage
  • Aircraft weight
  • Planned or updated trajectories
    (found and programmed within the FMS)

The service is optimized to be used with other AVTECH products or as a standalone support tool.

More Information:

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