AIR Weather Service without Autoload

Aventus AIR™ is a unique solution for sending important FMS weather data to aircraft without the Autoload function. Tried in operation and loved by the pilots.

AVTECH has engineered a solution for customers who wish to experience the benefits of Aventus without meeting the technical requirement of having the Flight Management System connected to ACARS or the Communications Management Unit. The system, Aventus Air allows the same wind information utilized within Aventus NowCast service offerings to be sent to the ACARS printer. Thus allowing crews access to the same, high quality weather information which can be manually input by crews in to the FMS.

Additionally, for operators who do meet the technical requirements for Aventus NowCast, Aventus Air can still be enabled thus giving crews both real time wind information directly to the FMS while also allowing them to print the same robust weather information.

Technical Requirements:

Aircraft will need to be ACARS equipped with a functioning ACARS printer.  In addition the aircraft will need to be able to send an OOOI message (on, off, Out, in) while also having the capability for the crew to send preprogrammed MCDU or free text messages.

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